TODAY THE WORD is RECALL. I have been amazed at so many manufacturer recalls, I seem to be led n this direction for the topic for the blog. The latest one was this morning when Mazda Motor Corp. is recalling several models from 2010-2012 (I think ) for one reason……now get ready…….Spiders! That is right……yellow sac spiders get into the fuel tank an build their nests and block a vent to engine. Okay, and if that is not bad enough, this is the second time for the same recall. There are recalls for everything it seems and some are possibly life threatening. It leads me to thoughts of why does it get to millions or at least 50,000 or more before the technological geniuses of the world figure out a recall is necessary and what has happened to quality inspections? Tyson has a recall on chicken nuggets due to plastic in the nuggets….What? I don’t eat them due to my eating healthy, but who eats the majority of chicken nuggets; children of course. If recalls are necessary and I agree for recalls for anything unsatisfactory or not up to par to good standards; why do they wait so long before they issue a recall? Get it fixed or replaced before reports of so many sick people or deaths occur. Now for the deeper though…..Since most of us believe God “manufactured’ or created us; what if God had to recall us if He found us unsatisfactory or not up to good standards? With the world as it is with so many people not trying to live up to any standards. Their answer to society is everyone else needs to stoop to their levels. Unfortunately, unless changes or replacements to their lives are made; a recall will be issued. Please don’t shoot the messenger as this is not my words; God laid out His blueprints and expects us to go by them. A recall doesn’t mean all is lost; it means it needs to be fixed. God sent out a recall for my soul years ago and it required a major repair to my life. Oh I still sputter once in a while and have to pray and do some soul engine checks; but all in all my trips are smoother once the recall was completed. God loves us all with all of our failures, broke parts, slow running engines, and God can even remove the spiders and cobwebs out of our fuel tanks if we go in voluntarily and ask for His help. May your roads be smooth and long pleasurable rides in life be yours.

2 Timothy 2:22 ESV    
So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.

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