This photo is fairly close to how Susie looked prior to her permanent.

TODAY THE WORDS are SISTER, SISTER. Since yesterday was National Siblings Day, I was working and unable to do this day justice; I thought I would write a lighthearted rendition of my relationship with my only Sister, Juanelle Lott Fussell. We had two brothers, Carlton and Joe, but I will save them for another day. We were a family of four children with less than 5 years apart from the oldest to the youngest, so there were bound to be many stories, but let me think of a few which I can write about and still live to tell the next ones. I will take one of the tame stories first. One of my Christmas presents was a doll with red hair which I amply named Susie. Susie now resides in my sister’s attic and I should claim her for proof of this little adventure. Susie was my pride and joy and was a cute doll with straight hair. Juanelle and I came up with the idea after watching our Mother and our Aunt Hazel put home permanents, which weren’t permanent at all since they were putting those funny rollers in about every six months; we decided to give Susie a permanent so she could have those lovely tight curls. She would be good for at least six months so it sounded like a good plan. Juanelle may remember exactly how we got our hands on the “permanent” solution, but we styled Susie’s hair without Susie objecting at all; she was a good customer in our beauty salon. Oh, we were stylists in the making and I don’t remember when it actually happened but it did. Susie’s hair fell out and all that was and still is left were short twigs where luscious red hair used to be. Her eyes were still pretty with the makeup we had put on her but that would be another adventure. Oh no, we gave Susie a different style but not what we were aiming to achieve. I am sure this may have an effect on both of our lives as neither of us went on to be famous stylists even though Juanelle gave it some consideration and it must have had some memory of how Susie turned out; she went into a different direction. Susie might have affected the directive of steering me away from a lot of stylists as somehow Susie’s stubs of hair has never left my memories. Susie is still not showing her face in public and for her; her “permanent” was permanent. I hope you get an idea of how my Sister and I have loved adventure after adventure; plotting and planning; agreeing and disagreeing; blending two entirely different personalities into one of the best tag teams ever. My dear Sister; My dear Friend; My daring Partner in “crime”; and my Sister in God, I love you and care about you. May we have many more adventures together!

She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her. Proverbs 3:15

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