God is wanting to talk to you; are you listening? Photo courtesy of Charlene Harper  Brannigan

TODAY THE WORDS are WHEN GOD IS TALKING. I have been very busy lately between work and writing, taxes and spring cleaning. It seems this way for everyone I know. Greg does our yards, and he has been busy with maintenance of the flowers, shrubs, lawn, etc. This is because he loves to work in them and watch them grow. It is Spring and with Spring comes the tidying up for the beautiful display of May flowers. During these times as well as other busy times of the year, we may not be still to listen for God’s voice to come through our “heartways”. Oh, we hear all of us humans chattering away but we have a problem sitting still because we have those chores on our minds. Yesterday morning, I posted this statement instead of writing the blog,
 “This morning I feel like being still and let the full meaning of knowing God is Almighty God flow through my heart and soul. I will be spending my meditation/devotional time not asking for anything, but I will be giving prayers of thanks for blessings. I will try to write the blog tomorrow as I want To Spend Precious Time appreciating the ultimate sacrifice Our Lord made for all of us.”  For some reason, I felt a need to be still and wait for direction. It wasn’t long after I had my time with God, I saw a spiritual post message and without thinking, I asked the author of the message, “Do you write a blog?” This was what I was supposed to do. God wants her message out to the world and I felt led to help. This is the focus of this message. It is not all about us in this world; it is about how we can assist, help, guide, and/or support someone else who is under the direction of God. I have said many times, and all of you who know me well, will recollect me saying, “I am not trying to preach or teach; I am using my failures and errors to hopefully save some of you from making the same mistakes. I have learned through them and life became better after I learned to either do something or not to do the same thing.” It is up to Our Creator to use us how we best fit into His Divine Plan. It is up to us to “Be Still” and listen; not to the noise of the world; not to the television; not to others who are not talking in our best interest; or not to ourselves when we have doubts. God can speak in a soft, quiet voice or God can move mountains with His Roar! The wondrous result is to know we serve A Mighty God who will speak to someone unworthy and mold them into someone who will extend themselves to help someone else. Listen to God as God wants to talk to all of us; not just some.


Psalm 46:10 New International Version (NIV)

10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;<sup abp="686" class="crossreference" value="(A)”>
    I will be exalted<sup abp="691" class="crossreference" value="(B)”> among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth

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