TODAY THE WORDS are THE SMALLER THE BIGGER. We have been told throughout our lives, “Big things come in small packages” which symbolized small things count. I received a “small” message which had a big meaning to me after I had recalled a sweet story about my Mother and the small but big message read, “you make the smallest thing seem important.” This brings me to today’s message. I took a look at Facebook wall last night before going to bed and this message really hit home with me. I saw the pictures of the “small” ones, the little children who hold such a big place in all of our hearts. I saw pictures of small groups of families and realized the big loss of the loved ones who were missing in the pictures. So many large meals were lovingly made by the cooks who by doing so many little tasks assembled feasts for all to enjoy.
I saw a picture of a friend taking a nap with his little grandchild and thought what seemed so small will become such a big memory as life goes on and the little baby grows up to be an adult. I saw a picture of a lifelong friend spending time with her Mother who is having some struggles as people do as they get older and it was a small picture of such a big moment. Each small hug, each small I love you, each touch will become a large part of what we remember when we can no longer do those small, seemingly simple gestures. I had several “large memories” during this Holiday season since I have a large amount of missing my parents on the special days I would always try to spend time with them. I came across some small items which gave me large tugs at my heart. Now for my deeper thought…..We never know when a small word or a short conversation with someone may have a big effect on their lives or even ours. One of the pitfalls of life is when we don’t take a small second before we open our “big” mouths. It may be a little word or sentence which can give a lost person direction; an insecure person the gift of compassion and give them courage; a small touch which allows someone who has suffered a big loss or sickness a big sigh of relief; or a small testimony of a “huge” outpouring of how God’s love saved a big sinner to gain an eternal life of peace. It is the small things which make us realize how big God is and even the smallest gesture of kindness can move large mountains. It takes a small amount of time to do something big and wonderful.

Luke 16:10 ESV 

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”

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