TODAY THE WORDS are WHERE IS MY SEWING KIT? I chuckled when I found my sewing kit in our master bedroom closet tucked away on a shelf while doing my Spring cleaning. Oh, there it is was my reaction when I discovered the “new” kit which apparently I have not thought of using it. It would have taken me longer to look for it than to decide to wear something different and that is why it remained in its little hiding place all of this time. This made me go back in time to days when we had no choice but to mend a rip, repair a hem, sew a button back on a blouse, shirt or pants. I began to think about how times have changed for many of us and I wonder if it is a good change or one who has robbed us of valuing possessions as we should. Have we become a disposable society? I think we may have done exactly this….A disposable society. Diapers are all disposable; food is now packed in disposable containers; plastic bottles have replaced the glass containers, plastic trash bags have taken over so we don’t save the paper bags from the grocery store (oh wait, the bags are mostly plastic except for the few conservative folks who use the reusable shopping bags). Let me think, who do I know who mends their clothes? I have a feeling some people still do this as a necessity and I understand; but I am referring more to the majority of us. How has this action or lack of action affected our society?  “Are you nuts, Arline?” you may be thinking.  I feel it may have been a conversion of our society where we devalue items and in a snowball effect; people are devalued. I will try to break down my deeper thought…..If I start to consider a blouse is no longer useful or usable because of a lost button or tear; it may start me thinking less of someone who has fallen on hard times. In other words, I devalue the person because they are not “flawless”. If I throw away things the easiest way possible as in the example of using trash bags without a thought of consequences; we may think people, relationships, or jobs are disposable and can be tossed aside without any thought. I hope you are seeing this adverse effect as I did when I saw my unused sewing kit. I am making a conscious effort to get it out and mend something! God has always seen value in the torn and tattered and so should we! Take a few minutes and look around and see if you can find a tattered soul. If you find someone who could use from some mending; get out God’s sewing kit, His word and help them thread their needle with prayer and testimony sharing.

Matthew 19:24 King James Bible
And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

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