TODAY THE WORDS are SPEND A BUCK. With the Kentucky Derby happening this weekend, it brought back my trip to the Derby in the 80’s (sounds like a history lesson as it has been a long time). Trust me, I have never been into horse racing and the only time I tried to ride a horse, he went into a full run and almost put me and him over a fence; so horseman I am not. A designer friend of mine was from Louisville Kentucky and invited me to go with her to the Kentucky Derby. Off we went in her new Supra, driving like race car drivers ourselves and then the partying started. This was in a part of my life when I was single and I will say no more than that. We made the rounds of the parties with the usual hoop de la and then on to the derby. I had no experience of betting on horses and had no clue on spreads or odds and all of them looked beautiful and capable to me. I went down the list and then I saw it, “SPEND A BUCK”. I didn’t realize how far from being the favorite he was, but as a business owner, I knew you had to spend a buck to make a buck so that was my choice. He won and I won! Oh, it looked like I knew what I was doing, but not! I am not advocating gambling, betting or even living the life I was living, but when you are in that lifestyle, it is the adrenalin we seek. I am not trying to tell anyone how to live their lives; I am sharing an experience. I had the money to “throw away” as that is what you have just as much chance of doing. Now for my deeper thought…..Until we find our way, and I am talking about when a person comes face to face with themselves and God, that person is gambling with their soul. And the big question is can any of us afford to “throw our souls away”. Yes, I was throwing caution to the wind but the decision to bet on Spend a Buck was not a life altering event; gambling on my life and soul was. I am sharing this experience, not to say whether a person should ever play the lottery, buy a scratch off, or even place a small bet if it doesn’t take money from your family and God; I am saying it is not wise to gamble with our souls and anything which takes us away from God might be the biggest gamble of our lives.  
1 Timothy 6:10 – For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

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