TODAY THE WORDS are HEART FOOD. Even though it sounds as if this is a health blog post; my thoughts have gone into a different direction this morning. Since I am making my vegetable beef soup today, Greg suggested I write about how I mix together so many different vegetables and it makes one terrific blended taste and I mentioned I had written about my soup. Yesterday, this thought was working its way to the forefront of my mind when I asked my “ole southern cooks” did they remember how to prepare salmon-egg gravy which my Mother used to make and served over rice. Did I get great response from this question and several friends who make it refreshed my memory of how the eggs were added. What was the best part of this memory pulling communication is how many remarks were how much someone they loved felt this was a favorite; or someone they loved made it a certain way. The theme throughout the communication was filled with love. I have always associated a certain dish with someone who made it the most delicious and I feel others do this same link. I made a reference to my daughter’s Nannie making the best cornbread dressing (and she taught me how) and I never make it without thinking of her. PaPa Smith, Missy’s Granddaddy made potato salad better than anyone I know and even though both of them have died; no one matches that expertise they had for those dishes. Now, that I have said that; how many of you put different names to those dishes while reading my message? This is because it is the link of their memory making those dishes with love. My Mother may not have been the world’s best cook, but I would put her Biscuit Pudding up against anyone’s (even wrote about it on this blog). This Salmon-Egg Gravy was like a Five Star Restaurant Entree and it had a more lasting effect than any cuisine I have tasted. Loving food; thoughtful gestures; acts of kindness; and unconditional love have a direct link to our hearts so that is why these actions are called Heart Food and I can assure you it is very healthy to our souls.


First Timothy 5:8 “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

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