TODAY THE WORDS are INVEST IN YOUR DREAMS. We go to sleep, we may dream many dreams during the night. What do we remember from those dreams? My uncle, Cecil Holt, inventor of many devices including a well known invention named Holt Nut Wizard, told me when he had the homemade prototype of a nut picker in his hands he had dreamed it. The Nut Wizard has been sold in so many countries and has been very successful. Cecil has gone on to many more inventions and probably has had several of them come to him in dreams. Many people may not believe this; I do and so should you. Knowing dreams are subconscious events stemming from bits and pieces of either memories or observations in our lives. The more in tune we become or “investing” in our dreams; the more of a chance something great might come from these dreams. I have read of many great people waking up from dreams and writing them down. Writers have gotten many good stories from dreams they have experienced and went on to write best sellers. People who see themselves becoming prosperous have pulled from their dreams self confidence and that feeling moved its way into reality. Dreams are important messages from not only our brains, but our very souls. We can cry, we can laugh, and we can even talk (everyone remember that one and keep good clean thoughts in our minds). Have you ever fallen in your dreams? It almost hurts when you wake up and certainly the emotions run high after a scary dream. Now for my deeper thought…..of course dreams can be important and even more important are our waking dreams of what we want to accomplish for ourselves and our families. We dream of what we want to do with our careers, businesses, and futures. Do we dream of how we want to be in our souls? Is this on the top of our priority lists of things to accomplish? Do we have more kindness, more charity, more faith and manifestation of our faith, more humanitarian goals, more honesty with ourselves and others, more forgiveness and acceptance in our everyday life and more expressions of love  to all mankind? If we invest in our dreams, we can accomplish whatever we set our sights on. Dream big, dream kindly, dream of love, dream of godliness, and dream to keep dreaming so we may be all we can be.


Joel 2:28 ESV 

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.

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