TODAY THE WORD is MOTHERHOOD.  Today, once a year, we celebrate Mothers Day. Flowers and gifts are sent with beautiful cards full of wonderful words for the fantastic Mothers to cry over, laugh and enjoy. There are lunches and dinners with children coming home or having their Mothers coming to their home. Pampering is at its finest on this special day. For those of us who have lost our Mothers, we reminisce over the wonderful memories of times past. With so much tenderness, do we spend pouring over old photos, running our fingers over those photos as if we are reaching out and touching our loving Mothers, and smile and cry sometimes at the same time. Why do Mothers mean so much to us? I think it goes back to our birth having already formed a bond of warmth when associated with the Mother carrying the baby for nine months. The bond is molded more when the first years of closeness of nurturing, training, feeding, caring for the child. When a child has a boo boo, they usually seek out Mom and want it kissed and made better. As the child grows up, it is usually a need for approval from her to make all of the accomplishments worth the effort. Even in sports, the child looks first to the Dad for pride, but also looks to Mom for the loving seal of approval. What is more “Mother-like” needs? It is the need for comfort when the child loses a game, or doesn’t make the needed hit for the winning run, or doesn’t make the team. God blessed Moms to understand this need and blessed them to open their arms, rub those heads, and say the right words to make it okay. When a pet dies, it is usually Mom who wipes the tears away and assures the child it will be all right. When the son or the daughter gets their heart broken for the first time and sometimes more times than expected, Mom assures them, the one that is special enough will come along and they will be better off. Now for the deeper thought……God made Mothers to give us a physical being to comfort us on earth while He comforts our spirits. God gave us Fathers to build our strength and character and God gave us both parents to give us all we would need from physical parents. God will furnish our spiritual needs and our salvation accomplishments. As God sees us move into His light, God glows with pride as our earthly fathers glow; God loves His Children even more than our earthly mothers love us. Today, if you are blessed to have your Mother here on earth, hug her tight, tell her over and over how much you love her. Say a prayer, like I have prayed a prayer of thanks for my precious Mother and how, while she lived; she loved her children with a passion unmatched by any other love. Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers reading this blog! You are special in your childrens’ eyes.
Isaiah 66:13         
As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem. 

(c) copyright 2013 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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