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TODAY THE WORDS are PERFECTED FROM IMPERFECTIONS. this morning, a new friend of mine on Facebook, Karen Hinely posted her message and I found inspiration and felt a need to expand on this topic. Here is her message: God is not hard to please. He does not expect us to be absolutely perfect. He just expects us to keep moving toward Him and believing in Him, letting Him work with us to bring us into conformity to His will and ways…………”  I responded to her message with these words, “My life became so much easier when I found out God understood my imperfections and me giving it my best and he fills my holes of imperfection with his Grace and Love.” We are works in progress, each day filled with new issues, losses, journeys, temptations, and frustrations but we are also being filled by God with blessings, opportunities, gains, adventures, strength to resist temptations, and rejoicing in moments when we have triumphs over sin, sickness, and frustrations. Do you see the message from the message? As Karen’s message revealed, God is not hard to please as he is the same as a diamond expert; he expects to see inclusions; of course God is pleased when they are not big inclusions and loves the beauty he sees beyond but INCLUDING our imperfections. Sometimes, when I fall short, and am in prayer for forgiveness, God seems to lighten my heart with the feeling He already knew I would probably fall short and would need a session with Him to get me back on track. We put children in time out; not because we don’t love them and not that with their unique personalities we didn’t realize they would probably end up in time out and not because we feel they are failures; we all have imperfections. Life is not easy but as I replied to Karen, life became easier when I knew God who had created me, understood my imperfections and still loves me. Have you given some thought to imperfections being perfected by Grace and Love? When we realize it is not part of salvation for us to be perfect, life seems to be easier to live a godly life. All of us are not required to become saints but to become more saintly; we are not all required to give away everything but to become more charitable; we are not required to never make a mistake but to become more aware of others feelings when we do make a mistake and ask for forgiveness and we are not expected to understand everything but we are expected to search, study and implement the messages from God’s words. Perfected from imperfections by Grace and Love; what a powerful enabling thought. We go forth in faith; we excel in good works and deeds; and we fall to our knees in praise and thanksgiving for all of the acceptance of our imperfections.

Ephesians 2:8 ESV 

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God

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