Buster Miller, our Dennis the Menace in Doggy Disguise
TODAY THE WORDS are THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BUSTER. Usually every morning, our Yorkie, Bandit lays next to me while I write the blog. I make the statement to him, “Are you ready to help me write the blog?” He just backs up closer and lays still. This morning, however, Bandit sat at the end of the bed and Buster, our rowdy Papillon, took Bandit’s place. He was looking up at me and touching the laptop with his nose, curious as he normally is, and as the topics come spontaneously, Buster gave me the inspiration for this message. Let’s look at life through the eyes of Buster and see how it shapes up. Buster was rescued as a puppy so his life, like so many displaced children was turned upside down at a very early age. He was given to strangers and had to adapt to a new home and new “parents”. Buster is unique (and I am sure all doggy owners feel the same) but while Bandit is a passive dog; Buster somehow thinks he is a showman and has to put on his shows. He doesn’t see anything wrong with clipping Greg’s socks and as all of his treasures, they find their way to his hiding place which is under our bed. He “prances like a Dressage” across our back yard and doesn’t hesitate being protective when he hears a noise. He, however, gets scared and it is so obvious when he is scared. Being all black with the exception of a white blaze on his neck, when he exposes the whites of his eyes, we call them crazy eyes. But this is the exception and usually Buster is full steam ahead and taking no prisoners. He does a lot of tricks by hand commands but all of this is not the deeper thought I had…….We live in a world we have to adjust as Buster had to adjust. We face new challenges each day and we react similar to Buster. Some days we are so excited about something new; we prance too. Other days we get scared when our world has had an unexpected jolt such as a loss, a sickness, job changes, or tragedy. We probably get our “crazy eyes” too. Then there are the days, just like Buster, we want to be petted and shown love for comfort. As Buster and Bandit too, have us to make sure they are fed and given treats; God gives us the same as His Children. God comforts when we are scared, showers us with blessings or “treats”; allows us to learn “tricks” or lessons of life; and above all, God loves us and takes care of us. The world according to Buster can be the same for us knowing Our Master loves us and wants us to be happy and joyous like Buster. 
Psalm 103:13 ESV 
As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him.

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