TODAY THE WORDS are WHO AM I FOOLING? I am not sure if I have the ideal answers to this question, but in an attempt to shed a little light on this inspired message; I will do my best. Allow me to go back in time and be brutally honest about something in my life. Hopefully, if I put it out there some of you might feel a burst of freedom from attempting to fool others or yourselves. Here goes a confession which I am really confessing to myself as I feel a lot of “If I fool myself, I can convince others.” In my young days, I was so weight conscious. I ate small amounts and piles of salads and I was trying and had difficulty losing weight. Oh, I kept my weight off by exercising and to most, “starving myself on low calorie diets”. What I was fooling myself about was once in a while (and not that there was anything wrong with splurging on something occasionally) I would eat a candy bar and a diet drink or a bag of salty nuts or snacks; a doughnut; jelly beans or other bag candies. The thing I was fooling myself was I somehow “forgot” to count the calories or even admit I ate my apparently secret food. There it is: I was not a full fledged “foodie” but I was fooling myself and honestly, I can say I was trying to fool others. I have recently gone through a change of my food habits and I will admit once in a while I have something off my healthy eating plan but NOW, the difference is I admit I eat whatever I eat. I found if I am upfront with myself first, it is easy to be upfront with others. What is more important is me being honest with myself. Now, and you are expecting it, here is my deeper thought……Even though this message is inspired from being honest about eating, it is more important we are honest with our stand of what kind of person are we? I see people trying to be something they are not; I see people projecting wealth when they are struggling; I see people acting like they are truly happy when they are miserable.  I hear “little white lies” don’t hurt; I hear people ask, “Can Christians drink?’ and “I don’t think you have to etc. etc. etc.” and are we trying to fool ourselves and others with these statements? When all the dust settles down and life as we know it ends; we are going to be facing Our Loving God who cannot be fooled. He doesn’t hear our little white lies, nor does he tolerate anything but honesty, and who is forgiving when we get “HONEST” with ourselves and Him. I learned I only hurt myself when I was “fooling” myself by trying to “fool” myself. I was the fool. Be honest as God loves us! Be blessed with honesty within and without!

Proverbs 19:1 ESV 

Better is a poor person who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool.

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