TODAY THE WORDS are DID YOU GET THE BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT? Some days, I feel a little bit of my Mother coming out of me, sometimes unexpectedly or sometimes I say I can hear my Mother saying whatever I am saying at the moment. This morning, after being so excited about my daughter Missy coming home for a visit and thinking of how precious she is to me and even though she is a grown lady, she is my baby who I would lay down my life. I heard the news a young teen was shot last night and that kind of news has become the “norm” and it should not be this way. A teen should have so much life left to live. This caused a “Momma” reaction and I wrote on my FB page the following: It is time for parents to get out of the clubs, stop thinking about what adult fun they can have, stop sending their kids off to others’ homes, and make their children top priority in their lives. Why did you have children if you weren’t going to give them your time? If I sound harsh it is because another teen was shot last night, another child was hurt by their own parents, a child overdosed, and another child took their first drug. Parents go home and discover what it means to be a parent. It does my heart good when I see parents sharing every moment of their babies’ special moments. Just say in’ .It caused the inspiration for this message. Do parents get the birth announcement of their own child? Of anything I have put an effort in accomplishing during my life, my being Missy’s Mom has been the most important, the most meaningful, the most loving thing I have done. When a person becomes a parent, Father or Mother; life should change and it should change for the better. What I see are some fantastic parents and I applaud them. What else I see are “absent parents” who have checked out from the parenting responsibility and who seem more interested in what trips, concerts, purchasing of adult play toys, pawning off their children to family, friends, or whoever. We live in a dangerous world, full of deadly temptations and if we are not diligent on making sure our children know, good or bad, they can come to us. When you hear parents talk about the empty nest blues; there will be plenty of time to “do your thing” when your children are gone. Take the time; your children are the most precious gift you will have. If you don’t believe me; ask any parent who has lost a child, whether in sickness, accident, or violent ending to their presence. Let this Momma tell you to take time with your children, love them, teach them in the right way to go, but first, set the best example you can.

Proverbs 22:6 ESV 

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.
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