Luna wants to read a story for the children of the world

TODAY THE WORDS are I WILL CUT IT. Today, I was a little   slow in getting awake due to us getting a wrong number call at 1:30 am and then a severe thunderstorm warning at 3:30 am. Needless to say, not much sleep at the Miller home last night. While I was contemplating skipping the blog today, somehow out of my childhood days, one of the scary stories our parents would tell us came skipping through. I think it was Daddy who told this one but for all of us who were subject to those scary and sometimes ghost stories should have flashbacks of the folklore stories we heard while growing up. This one, as I remember, was as follows: These men were traveling through the South and had heard of some buried treasure in this certain part of the country. They supposedly found the area where the treasure was supposed to be buried but there was one catch. Above the buried treasure, there was a huge rock suspended between two plateaus but held into place by a rope. The men looked up and thought this would be easy to dig up the treasure which was told to be directly under the suspended rock. They got their shovels out and began to dig and as soon as they hit the ground with the shovels, they heard a voice say, “I will cut it; I will cut it.” The guys stopped digging and asked each other, “Did you hear something?” Thinking it was the wind, they started digging again. Again, “I will cut it; I will cut it.” Once more they stopped, looked at each other, and took a slightly longer break before they decided they were just hearing things and so they went back to their digging and talking about what they would do with all of the money which was buried. Once more, the voice said, “I have told you I will cut it; you had better stop now.” With that warning, both guys stopped and tried to find where the voice was coming from. They couldn’t see anything but the rope around the rock. They listened; they waited and then they decided to finish the digging. They had to be close to their treasure and with the next few shovel thrusts, they hit the top of the chest. They were so excited. The treasure was going to be theirs with a few more digs and then they heard a chopping sound above their heads. For a second and for the last the sight they would see was a troll with a big machete who said, “I told you I would cut it.” Down came the huge rock on top of the men. This story is not even scary to us when we are grown but it kept us on the edge of our seats when it was told. A lot of animation was added for special effects and now for the deeper thought….How many of us are sharing special times with our children? If we don’t know stories to tell and I am sure this one was made up along with a multitude of others. Maybe this is where my creativity was born and it could foster our youngsters to be creative even without all of the technology. My point and I hope it is what you take away from this message is the human contact our young people need to share with us. Older people are full of these stories and it is easy to get them to tell them. What are we doing for keeping all of us close or are we satisfied with allowing our children to figure out what they should do? I am not advocating we tell our children stories of creatures, but there are great children’s books or videos we can watch with them. I see a lot of young people doing horrible things and it makes me wonder how much time did the parents spend with them? Live life, love life, but don’t shut out little ones from your life. They can have fun with you, believe the old story teller and if you can’t make up stories; read them a book and a children’s bible is a good place to start.
King James Bible 2 Timothy 4:3
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

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