TODAY THE WORDS are I’M GONNA. So much is going on in all of our lives and it caused me to stop and think about the southern phrase, or at least I think it is southern originated. “I’m gonna” as a short cut for “I am going to” is somewhat symbolic in itself. In saying this phrase, we are implying we are too much in a hurry to take the proper time to even express what we are going to do. Think about what I said, “In our planning, we are taking a shortcut to do something.” This is the rush I would like to focus on in this message. Have you thought about how much work goes into a project if it is successful? Let’s also think about baking a cake or assembling a great dish; it takes proper planning and assembling, timing, and displaying it for the dish or cake to receive the oohs and ah, right? If an ingredient is missed in the preparation; it is usually missed during the tasting. A reality show, Homes on Holmes where the show’s host and contractor goes behind other contractors’ shoddy work. He reveals and repairs the ill prepared and costly mistakes made by those people who do not take the pride or the time to properly build or install vital equipment or structural pieces. I am using this for a comparison to our lives. We are contractors and we are in a critical position of how we build our lives. We can pour a strong foundation with our family and build it with a strong frame which should include our faith of choice, just like we build a home with either wood framing or steel framing. We can choose the strength of the insulation; we can choose what type windows either strong or less expensive types of glass; and we can choose how we are going to furnish it. How much planning and choosing the right ingredients in our lives will make the long term difference in how we enjoy our lives. If I say I’m gonna and even though it is rushed; I could get the job done right if I take the proper time to construct my life. I’m gonna eat right, but do I? I’m gonna go to church regularly, but do I? I’m gonna take time to visit my loved ones, but do I? I’m gonna; I’m gonna but do I? This is the deeper thought…..How many of us say and really plan on the “I’m gonna’s and never get around to doing those things we do feel are important but times passes too fast. I spoke with someone and we both agreed, we meant to record or write down the old stories told by our parents and in our minds we most likely said, “I’m gonna”. For whatever reason, both of our parents are passed and we don’t have those recordings. I’m gonna changed to “I wish I had”. Don’t wait; act when something is worth doing; and do what we are thinking when we say, “I’m gonna.


Proverbs 13:4 ESVĀ 

The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

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