Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry made this famous.

Mark Lott (shown with his loving family) Lives It in God’s Way!

TODAY THE WORDS are MAKE MY DAY. Clint Eastwood made a phrase famous with his “Go ahead, make my day!” in the movie Dirty Harry. How many times, even kidding someone, have you said this phrase? Pretty much, most of us have said it or if not, you have thought it once or twice. This phrase was meant to be a little defiant and aggressive, but this morning I would like to offer a challenge to all of us to exchange the former meaning to a new and more positive meaning. Let’s look at what may happen if we totally change this reference to mean if someone is doing something nice or charitable or as the current phrase of “Pay it forward”; we can recognize this person “Go ahead, you have made my day.” Sometimes, it is the little things we do for others which make the biggest difference. What seems little to one person may make another’s day. I woke up this morning early and since it was a special person who always makes other people’s day by being there to support someone in need or pain. It is a great pleasure to do something special for him as he wants no recognition and is amazingly humble. While I was thinking about his birthday, I had a memory of my Mother, who happened to love this “young” fellow had a tradition of calling my Sister and myself on our birthdays and she would sing to us Happy Birthday and I cannot tell you how many birthdays I have almost waited to hear the phone ring to hear that sweet voice sing to me. Again, it is the little things we do for others which have the largest and meaningful impact on them. Here is the deeper thought….Do we take the time to do something special for someone who always does special things for us or others? Do we stop our busy lives to make a call, sing a song, write a note, bake something, give a plant or flower we know they love, and do we think to tell them how special they are? Or do we, as humans, become complacent with our gratitude and maybe think good things about them but don’t take the time to express those thoughts? Or, and I hope this isn’t the case for any of us, do we sit back and allow them to always be the one giving and doing special things for us? If so, this is not what God intends for us to fulfill his giving nature. God wants us up early thinking what we can do for someone else today. God doesn’t say it has to be monetary; God wants us to give of our time or ourselves. Sharing what we have is a good way to give. We have been blessed to have some; share your blessings. As much as this young man hates to have any recognition, I am going to give a loving, personal HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK LOTT! You live this message and I thank God for knowing, loving, and I get to work with you! May God continue to bless you with your gorgeous smile! You always Make Our Day!


Hebrews 13:16 ESVĀ 

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

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