TODAY THE WORDS are PRISON BREAK. This morning, I read one of my friend, Michael Park’s post to his page, Why Walk when you can Fly With God and it inspired me with this message. He and some brothers in Christ visit the local jails and witness to the prisoners. When I read his inspiring message, I shared it on FB with this caption, Many lost souls have found their way while brought down on their knees through prison bars. As God stayed with me on a lost path until I recognized Him standing next to me showing me the right path; they too are important to Our God. Once I posted his message, the thought occurred to me; we live in a prison of sin and we are the same in God’s eyes as a prisoner sitting in a jail or prison. We are bound by the chains of sin as are prisoners bound by bars, handcuffs, and or chains. When sin has imprisoned us and it does; we are not free to be happy. We may try to put on a face of happiness as prisoners try to say, “I am not guilty”. This is our attempt to act like all is okay with our lives; but we really know differently. In the still of the night or even during a quiet time of the day; our souls are trying to figure out how we can escape from this life of sin or in other words, make a prison break. The bonds of sin take us away from our family usually and we find ourselves in undesirable company of other sinners.We lose contact with our lifetime friends as they find it hard to accept our imprisonment and we feel unworthy and uncomfortable so we try to make light of our lifestyle. We get defensive when we go to “life’s trial” and proclaim innocence or even try to blame someone else (friends, ex-loves, parents, government, etc.). The worst part, and here comes the deeper thought; we begin to believe our own deception and our story has to be exaggerated and as most prisoners inflate their rendition of how bad they really are; so do we in our sinning world. You have to remember, I know because I have been bound by sin; I constantly have to pray to override temptations and I am as unworthy as any prisoner inside the walls because I am a sinner saved by God’s grace and not my own worthiness. If God had not planned my escape from the prison of sin; I would not be the happy person I am today; if I do not stand in His Light, my cell door would close again and I would be imprisoned for eternity. With God’s help, we can all be freed and the prison doors of sin’s bondage opened and we escape from doom to a bright, celestial eternity. That sounds so much better than prison bars and darkness. Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest free from any chains which bind you.

This is the scripture Michael used in his message:
When the priests came out of the Holy Place, the cloud filled the Lord ’S Temple. The priests could not continue their work because the Temple was filled with the Glory of the Lord.
(1 Kings 8:10, 11 ERV)

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