What is said and unsaid is often less about what it is about and more about what it dances around. :^\
TODAY THE WORDS are DANCING WITH WORDS. This morning, I saw a tweet from a new follower and it inspired this message. In life we are either so protective or totally unguarded about our words. We dance around what we really should and need to tell others we care about. We take two steps forward and three steps back. We glide, we slide, and most of the time we avoid what the issue really is. In the past, and trying to be politically correct (by the way I should not use this phrase as I don’t agree) I have made some issues worse by not telling someone what they should hear and possibly learn from it. We have been taught to be positive and encouraging; but if the “truth” be known, they need their ends blistered. We use words like team work, friends, counselors, and even parents. What we should be telling them if you are really on a team; act like it and do your part; if you are really my friend, act like it; if you are counseling me, make sure you are doing things right; and as a parent, I am going to tell you like it is and not what you want to hear. We are dancing; we are skating; and we are not being honest with them or ourselves. I can hear the uproar in the galleries…..Do not judge and let’s get real. Is it judging when you recognize a mistake or a wrong direction and you want to help steer someone in the right direction? If we stick our heads in the sand, and I fear this is exactly what we as a nation, humans, parents, and even friends, we all lose. Even with professional dancers, they have to learn a dance routine. They learn, by their instructors, the correct steps. You  see discipline; practice; instruction, and yes, even constructive criticism on the dance floor so why not life. We have become lackadaisical in what we say or what we do and it is time to get real. A child does need praise but they should be instructed and have expectations put on them; a co-worker should be rewarded for their accomplishments but they should receive proper instruction and also re-direction if they get off track; and a friend should be able to hear the truth when they have gone astray and they should remain a friend or you should realize they were never your friend; and a spouse should respect the other one for having a difference of opinion and still love each other. It isn’t hard, my friends, to learn how to dance a great life; but sometimes you have to take a break; tell your partner or friend, “Square your shoulders, tighten up; and keep your toes straight.” Live life, love life; and live life to the fullest by being truthful and brave to have the strength to tell it like it is!

Zechariah 8:16 ESV 

These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another; render in your gates judgments that are true and make for peace; 

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