TODAY THE WORDS are FRESH BREAD. This morning, my husband said as he went to work, “It’s a brand new day.” I thought about this inspiring statement and for some reason, my thoughts went to the idea of a brand new day, a fresh start, a new beginning, an end to the last day and the many distractions, problems, and/or emotional issues. Fresh new start was a wonderful thought and to begin a new fresh day is a wonderful feeling and that is when “Fresh Bread” came into my head. I am eating whole grain bread when I do eat bread so the idea of fresh bread has a different cogitation than the firmer whole grain bread. We are in our fresh garden tomato (or as we say in the South, “Mater”) season and we have the pleasure of Mater sandwiches. I have written about this before but today I am focusing on the fresh bread which is used. My daughter came home from California and of course, she loves tomato sandwiches. I went to the grocery store and saw some great sour dough bread and thought she would like it. Oh no, I made a grave mistake as it didn’t have that soft white bread texture which is almost squishy and it wasn’t the same. She went to the store and got the right kind of bread. This brings me to my deeper thought…..There is no substitute for freshness of anything and the right kind of spiritual freshness flows down into our souls.Think about a bit of fresh air; fresh vegetables; fresh sheets on a bed; fresh ocean air; and a fresh new spirit. Our bread of life can become stale and it can sometimes lose that freshness we experienced when we first received our blessing of salvation. As life progresses, if we do not twist Our Savior into our souls and seal the package tight to maintain what we obtained; contaminants can stale our spirits and we don’t “taste” as Christians as good as we once did. Again, freshness is important and we can stay sealed in God and also not expose ourselves to the contaminants of evil. As the fresh bread completes a “Mater” sandwich, all ingredients must come from the garden of God. Even if the bread is fresh, the tomato has to be as fresh as well. I use the choice of spouse in this comparison. Our spouses need to have fresh spirits too and then we have the perfect ingredients and God can “spread” His blessings on us. Live life; love life; but live life by sealing our freshness in Our Maker.

King James Bible
 Luke 4:4
And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.
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