TODAY THE WORDS are TOES IN THE WATER. I smiled early this morning with a friend’s message she was tossing her worries and stress aside and headed for a beach trip. She included in her message the phrase she would soon have “toes in the water” and I thought about this in my mind. Every year when people hit the beach and lakes, they post pictures of their toes with their freshly manicured toes either squished into the wet sand or propped up on beach chairs and all of us left behind are slightly envious of their “toes in the water”. We retrieve our past beach trips and we normally talk about our own “toes in the water” times. We laugh and joke about the funny parts of the trip and if we had some rain, we discuss what we did to fill in the time. What came to me this morning was a different moment but a significant one to say the least. When we are at the beach, most of us experience a calming of our souls. We, while we have our toes in the water, or lying on the beach towel or chair; we listen to God’s music when we hear the waves splash on shore; the sea gulls singing to God and to us; the calmness of such magnitude we fall asleep; and the outside world tends to disappear along with its stress and its worries. We find comfort as well as fun in the sun. We can listen to our hearts beating and recognize its blessing. We see our small ones playing innocently and we forget the worries of how the world will be when they grow up. We don’t feel the financial stress of life; we could live like beach bums without caring what car we drive, what home we have, what designer clothes to buy, or even if we can afford to get our toes done again. We forget the strain and stress and we hear the love of life flowing. Now for the deeper thought….As much as we love to get the “toes in the water” why don’t we just get “God in our souls”? If we actually carry God with us on each trip, whether it be to work, school, grocery store, doctor’s office, mall, restaurant; we can hear God’s music and we can tune out some of the stress we face in our every day life. We can smile when we hear His birds sing; we can laugh when we hear our small ones play and giggle; we can appreciate the small gifts which are rather large if we see the beauty in all of God’s creations. Oh yes, we love our toes in the water; we should love God in everything we do. It will be a sunny, beach feeling, loving, carefree day even if we are at work or at play. Bring God’s sunshine with you no matter where you are and life will be a beach!


    Isaiah 48:18 O that you had listened to my commandments! then had your peace been as a river, and your righteousness as the waves of the sea:

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