TODAY THE WORDS are BLESSED OR DAMNED. I recognize this is going to be a controversial topic and several of my friends advise me to stay away from politics and stern religious topics; I must be stubborn as I am not shy about talking about either one. This morning, as I awoke and was giving thanks for this day and really had another topic in mind; I heard a news story about a bank teller who was fired because she would say to a customer upon completion, “Have a blessed day!” Oh, the bank had their “story” justifying her termination due to company ethics as she had warned someone for using God’s name in vain, and she had shared her testimony with a customer. Oh yes, I would beg to differ about whether or not this company has “ethics”. If telling someone to have a blessed day is in violation of ethics; let’s look at how this phrase is comprised. Blessed not only means divinely or supremely favored, it can mean contented or fortunate. I researched some articles by non Christians and they are up in arms on anything which depicts any reference to Christianity or God. Why are they so scared to hear the mention? I would not be offended if someone who is Jewish said, “Shavua Tov” (shah-VOO-ah TOHV) which means to wish someone a good forthcoming week. Again, we live in an anti-Christianity world which anything which is non Godly intention is not only allowed but promoted. This is why I wonder about the sanity of this world where it is wrong to wish the best contented, or actually as I believe a divinely or supremely favored, day in whatever context I put it in is worse than using God’s name in vain. As I see it logically, if this bank is allowed to terminate an employee for wishing good thoughts to another human; should they not have to fire anyone who uses God’s name in the same verbiage as damn? Let us think this through…….On the deeper thought is this not using a religious symbol in the workplace? It is similar to what Joan Rivers (not a fan) said in response to criticism of her wearing fur coats to the interviewer, “Do you have shoes on; are they leather…Then shut up! Do you eat chicken, turkey or steak?” And here is my closing thought….If you have a right to curse God; I should have a right to praise Him. It has to be better to be blessed by anyone of any faith; than to be cursed by the ones who would damn you. I prefer to have someone express a good thought than a curse of any kind; so have a Blessed day! If this offends you, it will not offend me as I truly wish you well.

Proverbs 11:25 New International Version
A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
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