TODAY THE WORDS are MENDED WING. Yesterday morning at 4 am, this message woke me up. I had to attend the funeral services of my great niece, Robyn Elizabeth Fussell only 24 years old and I dedicate this message to her and all of the family who had to see a young angel home. To all of the young people who are struggling, please take a moment and think about this message as too many young angels are seeing their lives cut short. Here is what was revealed to me:
A young girl woke up in Heaven and was confused for a few seconds as she didn’t know she would take her journey during her sleep. She didn’t feel tired as she had felt the night before and she looked at her body and it was beautiful and youthful without any flaws. She looked around and saw so much beauty; angels were flying with gossamer wings; beautiful music was coming from harps; the most wonderful breeze was coming from all around and the young angel felt better than she had ever felt. She stood up and her new amazing wings spread out. She took a minute to look at them. How spectacular they were, but she noticed a gold braid where one of her wings had been mended. Why was that? she wondered. She was confused again. She had heard about the healing power of God and knew God made everything all right. Then she heard God’s voice speak to her and she was in awe. 
“Do you have any questions?” God said to the young angel. “Welcome to Eternity, and you have a place to rest. No more will you have to fight. No more will you have pain. No more will you have to seek love. You are surrounded by My Eternal Love.”
The angel looked at God and started not to ask about her mended wing but she knew she had to ask. “God, why is my wing mended? I see all of the other angels’ wings are perfect and I don’t understand why my wing is different. Won’t the other Angels laugh at me?”
Then God put a radiant light all around the young angel and in a voice both soft and thunderous at the same time spoke. “Young angel, Don’t misunderstand why your wing is mended. I made it that way on purpose as you will be a reminder to all souls that I, God, the Holiest of Holy, can mend any soul, can heal any sickness, can restore any disability into a whole person, and I AM GOD. You see if people saw only perfect Angels, they might forget I am the One who was by you when you struggled to come into the world; I was by you when you made mistakes and yes, wrong decisions; I was by you when you had critical health issues; and when you had weakened from the battle and could fight no more; I brought you safely home. You are my symbol of Who God Is and I am honored for you to wear my Mended Wing so no one will hesitate to call on me and know I am their God too, no matter how many mistakes they make; no matter how hard their lives have become; no matter how others look on them; and no matter how they have struggled.
“Thank You God, I am honored and I will wear my mended wing with pride” and with that peace of mind, the young angel flew off to the other angels to show off her mended wing.


Isaiah 40:31 ESV 

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. 

(c) copyright 2014 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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