TODAY THE WORDS are YOU SEE THIS; I SEE THAT. I read an article in Vanishing South Georgia the other day on McRainey House, which contained conflicting comments about the eccentric owner, Miss Effie and I found it very interesting and it inspired this message of how You See This; I See That. I found a life lesson while pondering over those comments.  Here is a little clip from the photograph I posted

“McRainey House” — [This beautiful (back in its prime) home belonged to “Malcolm Archibald McRainey & his wife Alice Huldah Galloway.” Located on the south side of GA 37 in *Elmodel, Baker County, Georgia.* It has been passed down through the generations & now it belongs to the Aunt- who forbids anyone to go near it! Be Warned!]~[Photograph by David in SWGA (David McCoy) – December 7 2012 – Elmodel, Georgia US]’h4d-131.2013′

Even in the clip, there is a different opinion as to the the relation of the owner. The article stated Ms. Effie was a younger later wife of Mac McRainey and the clip said she is an aunt. In the comments, both sides weighed in on the history of how the owner wouldn’t sell the property in order for a new owner to restore this wonderful, magnificent mansion. When you read another comment of a lady who, apparently is somehow connected to the owners, gave a more explicit reason why Ms. Effie only had a living estate right to the home and it handicapped her ability to fulfill her husband’s wishes for the house to remain in his children’s heritage and inheritance. It is an article worth reading and when you do; you can choose what side you feel is most comfortable. This brings me to a deeper thought…. As there are two sides to a coin; two sides to a legal case, defense and prosecution; two sides to a garment inside and outside; there are two sides to a story. If you and I look at a picture; you see this and I might see that. The odd thing is in life; it depends mainly on what side of the fence you or I stand on as the view can change from the position we view articles or scenes. This is the same in politics; in morals; in faith; or even in the most minor issues. Because I happen to be standing in a different light; or because your vantage point is unobstructed and you can see clearer; it doesn’t mean either of us is wrong or right. We are seeing it from our eyes. I made a statement years ago I could have been a lawyer because I usually see both sides to anything. I found out if I listen to someone; I might not agree but I do see how their thinking was formulated and it helps me to see their side. I wouldn’t have liked to have been put in Ms.Effie’s position but apparently she is standing strong and whether anyone agrees or disagrees; she is determined to fulfill her deceased husband’s wishes or is she just a stubborn ole lady? See, you could see this and I could see that. Life is meant to be lived; not battled. 
He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.

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