TODAY THE WORDS are TOO CLOSE TO TELL. We, on the average, have those stories which never die; they live on even if we die. When we remember them; they either bring tons of laughter or floods of tears each time. Yesterday, while Greg and I had lunch with my Sister and her husband, Juanelle and Troy Fussell, one of those stories popped up so I felt I would share it and as usual it can reflect a lesson in life. It is at my expense so laugh along with us as I recall the “TOO CLOSE TO TELL” story. Many years ago, my sister had a doctor’s appointment in a town close to 90 miles away and we had to leave early. I lived in my hometown of Douglas, GA and my sister lives about 12 miles outside of town so I could pick her up on the way. I had to get up very early and in order to not wake up everyone; I dressed in another room and then went back to the closet to get a pair of heels out of the closet. My shoes were placed side by side in the closet and in those days we wore high heeled shoes mainly for anything in public. You have to remember it was dark and I slipped one foot in one shoe and the other foot in another shoe. I know you are ahead because I find few people this has not happened. Back to the story, I walked out, got in my car and drove those 12 miles, picked up my sister and drove about half way. By this time, the sun had come up and it became lighter in the car. I can’t remember what caused me to look down; but there they were, the right shoe of one pair of shoes and the left of an entirely different shoe; different colors mind you! My sister is still laughing today about this story; but that isn’t the end. We had to stop at a shoe store and I Had To Walk in with those mismatched shoes. The biggest funny is this isn’t the only time I have done this and it leads me to the deeper thought (and here you might have wondered how this ridiculous story could have a deeper thought but it does). Sometimes in life, our choices make a huge difference in the outcome of how it turns out. We make friends; we take jobs; we choose spouses; we choose our faiths; we choose homes; and in all of these decisions life can give us choices that are too close to tell the difference. We have to slow down, turn on the light, and actually take more time to choose more carefully. It helps to see things (or shoes) in a good light so maybe we can tell we have on one navy and one black shoe and make the appropriate changes before we get out in the public and reveal we chose hastily and impulsively. The phrase “If I could do it over again, I would…” comes to mind but what we can concentrate on is taking the proper time to make wise choices and in my case especially take things to God so we can have a better “eye” when we make decisions. The fact I find funny is people are doing it intentionally now wearing different shoes. Did they get tired of doing the same thing as me and made it fashion? At the end of the day, be able to laugh with and at yourself; it is good medicine!
Proverbs 25:8  
Go not forth hastily to strive, lest thou know not what to do in the end thereof, when thy neighbour hath put thee to shame.

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