Please, pretty please?

TODAY THE WORD is PLEASE! I am known to be straight forward in my mannerisms, but I was brought up with manners. I have said in many posts that our family was certainly not in the upper middle class and were average in a lot of things. What I think we had that I see absent in so many homes now, are manners, southern hospitality, kindness and generosity. Our parents might have had their differences and they divorced, but I felt more unison between them to teach us to be respectful not only to them, but to others. We were taught the words “thank you”; you’re welcome”; and very importantly “please”. How many times do you hear these words in today’s society? Not very many if you have been going to the same places I have been lately. What happened to “please”? Was it an ugly word to ask someone nicely to do something? Did it take anything away from us when we asked someone in a pleasant tone?  I looked up please to see if I could find it as it must have gotten lost. Here is what I found:
please /plēz/
Cause to feel happy and satisfied: “he arranged a fishing trip to please his son”.
Used in polite requests or questions.
There it is, and now we can use this “pretty” word again and teach our young people to say it too. There is so much violence and anger in this world and we need pretty words again. In other words, we need kind words and we need kindness. We need polite words and we need politeness. We need happy words and we need happiness. We need pleasing words and we need to please others. Children learn from their parents and their friends; therefore, we have a big responsibility. As my parents, and I am sure a lot of my friends are going to agree, we were taught to use these words but we were taught to be respectful. How many of you remember, “Pretty please” when we really asked in earnest? Today, may we please be nicer to each other, pretty please!


Proverbs 31:26          
She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

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