TODAY THE WORD is HESITATION. I am reprinting this popular blog post as so many people have a problem with hesitancy and I felt we could use a reminder. I wrote this while I was managing an office. With tomorrow being Monday, a day a lot of people hesitate before starting another week. We post the cute cartoons about Mondays and some continue throughout the week with seeming hesitation until it gets to Thursday and the excitement starts building for Fridays. I have to admit that I get excited about Fridays for a lot of reasons; they may be different from your thinking. Fridays are usually the day I recap our progress for the week and also pay day and that gets a smile from everyone every two weeks on Friday. We finish our work and talk about what we were able to get delivered, the projects we completed and we also talk about our plans for the next week. Wishing everyone a great weekend, we wrap up the week. On Monday, since we have already discussed our week, we kick it off with a vengeance. I am a realist, so I understand that Monday’s have the “dreaded” reputation so I try not to have the “meetings” at that time. I may be a rare breed but I look forward to Mondays instead of having the normal hesitation and let me share with all of you why this is important to me. I had two brothers whose lives were cut short and when I think about hesitating about anything in life, my mind goes to how much of life they didn’t get to experience. I stop my hesitant heart and mind from giving into the hesitation and go forward. I am not getting melancholic on this subject as I treat it as a gift. God gives me this knowledge and opportunity to keep going in honor of them and for myself too. Now for the deeper thought…..God doesn’t give us a time table or an expiration date. We live and we die so every minute may be the last opportunity to do something worthwhile, something to mark our life by, something someone will never forget years later, or something that God will smile down and say, “Good job”. We then would be so glad we didn’t hesitate. Whether it is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. we should never hesitate to live life to the fullest, give love every second of the day, accomplish every good deed that comes our way, and always keep in mind, if we hesitate we can miss out on the most spectacular moment of our life. We never know; what we know is we want to smile at that last moment and know our future destination after this life is over.

Hebrews 10:25          
Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

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