TODAY THE WORDS are IT NEVER FAILS. Yesterday, at one of our company’s offices, something happened or rather “didn’t happen” and it inspired this message. One of the managers who was hosting a meeting, has been experiencing their neighboring business which happens to be a weight lifting section of a gym dropping weights and rattling our office’s walls as well as the dentist office next door. She expressed whether we would be able to conduct the meeting due to the “expected noise”. We started our meeting and conducted the entire meeting without a peep from next door. As we were exiting, she said and I am not actually quoting, “I knew it; I said it never fails they will do it non stop until you actually want someone to hear what you are dealing with.” Isn’t that how life is? It never fails! A child can do something cute and/or amazing all day long and finally the other parent comes home and you couldn’t get them to do that amazing trick and you are left feeling no one is going to believe you. A piece of equipment keeps doing some freak error or dysfunction and you get the IT person or technician to come; and wallah….It never fails! You could stand on top of your head and it still wouldn’t malfunction but the very second the technician leaves; here it is again. I laughed when I drove off from the meeting; not at the manager but knowing as soon as we parted, the banging would start and it would exasperate the manager. How many times in life has this or similar, “It never fails” moments occurred? I can’t even count how many times I have thought this same thought. 
Now, for the deeper thought, as if this wasn’t deep enough……..Take a minute and follow me with this thought….In life, almost everything mechanical or technical fails to perform at a perfect level, right? Also, in work, does everything go smoothly or do things fail to see completion without alterations or tweaking? In relationships, is there not a give and take and sometimes or somethings seem to go wrong. As the statement, “It never fails” depicts an opposite meaning of the actual words; it really means you can count on it not coming through; not showing up; not performing as described; or not living up to expectations. However, there is one element in our lives which truly lives up to the true meaning of this phrase when we realize, God never fails. We may not understand how the mechanics or technical components of God’s master plan actually works; we find as life goes on and all things unfold…. and we may even find ourselves wondering and using the phrase, it never fails…God is never wrong and His timing is perfect; not ours as we live in the worldly unsure motivation and life yesterday, It never fails when we rely on humans to have perfect timing to prove a point; they never do. When we wait on God and not humans; we find it happens when it is supposed and really Never Fails.


Deuteronomy 31:8 ESV 

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” 

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