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TODAY THE WORDS are DO I HAVE TO WEAR THAT? Seeing so many cute children with their new school clothes and back packs posing for their first day of the new school year and it brought me to the focus of this message. Parents put more emphasis on what they buy for children and even themselves due to some form of peer pressure exerted. They shop and spend a lot more money on children’s clothes than in prior generations and in some ways have eliminated possible embarrassment. I realize there is still bullying and it would make us very happy to see all bullying eliminated as well. Let’s bring back some egregious fashion trends and see if you remember saying “Do I have to wear that?” We, who have lived through many trends are already smiling at those Sixty’s fashions with the hip rider pants, bell bottoms, midriff shirts, see through tops, going bra less, tie died (now I have some dear friends who loved the tie died and still do), nautical and braided trends, and the metallic glitz. Anything wild or shiny, tight or baggy, colorful or Gothic; we have seen it come and go and sometimes return. We have gone through shoes in the same way; boots, stacked heels, square toed, pointed toes, boots, rounded toes, two, three and many colors and patterns. Girls have gone through the loafers, even penny loafers (well guys too) and ballerina shoes without the support, and through out all of this “so called fashion” at some point and time, we have said, “Do I have to wear that?” The Hawaiian shirt presented an adventure for some conservative men and the moo moo and “sack” dresses were either a welcoming piece or a dreaded event. Now that most of you have smiled at that certain piece of clothing or shoes which you wore with dread or maybe excitement; let me get to the deeper thought…….With our faith, we sometimes feel a little uncomfortable wearing it out in public. Yes, we pray, we worship, and we live our faith in our homes and churches; but what about to our friends? I thought about a diner’s owner who allowed a 15% discount for those who prayed before their meals and she has now received threats. Oh what a sad world we live in and that is why we have to put on our armor of faith and be not afraid of wearing our faith. I am not saying we have to force our faith down anyone’s throat. It has to be willing and free from harassment but we do need to wear it and be respectful. Life cannot be lived in fear of being proud of our faith and as long as we wear it with love, respect, and a humble heart; we are pleasing to Our Creator. Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest by putting on a loving attire of faith.

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