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TODAY THE WORDS are DIG A LITTLE DEEPER.  I had an experience this past weekend to reach out to a young lady who is battling cancer and having a difficult time with covering medical expenses. I asked for prayers and financial help and some people responded in different ways to help and I began to think about what makes the difference of who helps and who either cannot or does not reach out. The thought of the necessity to dig a little deeper came to mind. With this thought of how we plant a tree (or in this case create a good deed) is very similar. Some people have given or dug so much deeper than others and it is important for all people in Getting the Depth Right (except from http://www.theparkpeople.org)  
A tree is most vulnerable during its first few years after transplant. Support your young tree’s health and survival with proper planting and care.

Handle with Care

Roots are delicate…
1. Always lift trees in Containers or with Balled & Burlapped (B&B) rootballs by the container or ball, never by the trunk. (Fig. 1)
2. Always set your tree down gently. Dropping a tree’s rootball onto the ground can result in severe damage to the fine roots.

Tree Planting

Planting a tree at the right depth is critical for its health and survival. Many trees are planted too deep, preventing their roots from receiving adequate oxygen.
To plant your tree at the right depth…
Find the trunk flare – the area of the trunk that flares out to meet the topmost roots
Make sure that the trunk flare sits above ground when the hole is filled with soil

For my deeper thought……Even I have to dig deeper……..We are asked many times to help others and it can sometimes feel like a big burden and there are actual times, we find ourselves in positions where we cannot financially help in big amounts. In our own families, we have people struggling and may not be able to reach others; a prayer doesn’t cost a thing; sharing information which may help the person find help; asking those who have money to help; or digging a little deeper rather than going to get a new outfit or a new hair cut; cutting out a trip to a restaurant, a shopping trip, etc. Dig, dig, dig, and make sure we find the proper depth of giving from our hearts. Please give when you can, or even if it hurts; the rewards of a blessing are incredible and lasts in the heart longer than a new blouse or shirt. When we say no, please make sure you have dug in deep and it is a valid no and not a selfish no.
Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 

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