TODAY THE WORDS are WALKING IN LOVE. This morning I want to share a true story with you, but since I have lost contact with the family; I am not going to use names or be specific on locations. This story touched my heart and I wrote about broken relationships with parents and children on Facebook last night. Let me share the story first and then I will give you my thoughts.
A young boy and his sister were living with their Mother. Their father had walked away and left the mother to fend for both children and herself. She worked and tried her best to provide for the children but found it too hard. In the state they lived in when children could not be taken care of, the state would take them and put them in a state run orphanage. Before they were taken to the orphanage, and I never understood the reasons for the mother tying the boy to a chair and beating him but I wasn’t there so let me put aside any judgment. I am sure she was overwhelmed and from what I understood he looked exactly like her husband so there may have been displaced anger. Anyway, the state took him and his sister to the orphanage and their lives were changed in many ways; some were good changes and some were not so good. The orphanage was about 20 miles from their home and the boy would run away from the orphanage and stay in the woods during the day and walk through the night. He would make it home and see his mother, who called the agency when he got there, and his visit lasted for about 20-30 minutes. They would come and pick him up to take him back to the orphanage. Trying to understand why he did this several times, the overseers at the orphanage asked the boy why did he do it? They explained his mother didn’t want to keep him and he was better off in the orphanage where he had food and clothes along with schooling. They disciplined him each time and they seemed to be confused until he said, “That’s my Mother. That is all I have to say.” 
The reason I share this story is because going to the orphanage was the best thing to happen to this young boy who grew up to be very successful and he was a valuable alumni to the orphanage who he never forgot how they saved him. The most important part of this story is what happened later in life. When his Mother became gravely ill and was in an assisted living home, this young boy who had grown into a wealthy man and who was married to a beautiful woman, went each day (his wife and he shared the time and each participated) and fed his Mother three times a day. I found this to be an incredibly kind gesture and when I asked him how did he forgive her and find it in his heart to do this and he answered, “That’s my Mother, That is all I have to say.”
This lesson presents the deepest thought……When life has thrown a difficult relationship between you and another, whether it be a Mother, Father, Child, Sibling, Friend or Acquaintance…….Swallow your pride and just think as this boy did “That’s my ________. That is all I have to say.” and move past the pain to the glory and joy of experiencing love. 


Ephesians 6:2 ESV 

“Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise”

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