TODAY THE WORDS are HOW DID WE GET HERE? When we refer to the “good ole days”, to what years are we referring?  To me, generally it is the years in the past when life was simpler and calmer than the last decade.  The good ole days to others might be during the 60’s when love and peace were stressed but a war was building. Younger people may have different opinions on the good ole days or they may not have a clue to what we older folks are referring to when we speak of anything being good or old. The generation before mine refers to the good ole days when they were growing up and they do have some kind of stories to tell. As much as we like to reminisce about those days; they seem to have disappeared and I am not sure how we got here in today’s world. 
I would however, like to share some thoughts with you. You may or may not agree and that is okay with me. As technology has advanced in our generation and especially in the new generation with toddlers grabbing a smart phone and showing how “smart” the toddler displaying technical knowledge more advanced than their parents. We have the simpler ways to cook, bake, or do household chores. We do our laundry with high tech machines and I see pictures of clothes lines with captions of “Click if you remember this?”
We are concerned with fashion and I am smiling as fashion in my youth meant having something to wear without holes. We have scandals upon scandals upon scandals with each evolving into another one bigger and worse. We never get answers from anyone about anything; instead we have blamers. What happened to owning up to what you did and take your punishment? We are now a society of victims…this happened to me because of race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual preference, economic standing of whether rich or poor, and on and on. I keep expecting someone to say, “this happened to me because I am alive.” This statement, however absurd it sounds is probably more the truth than the other excuses. Life happens and I can assure you, taking victim status out of it….it happens to everyone at some time or another in our lives. So what? 
We, as a world, should get over ourselves and that brings me to my deeper thought…..I remember a statement someone who was angry at someone they didn’t know….”Who do you think you are?.Do you think you are all that OR something? Do you think the whole world revolves around you?”.It was stated in more improper grammar but you get the idea, right? We got where we are in this world by forgetting we are a “world collectively” and it is never about ONE of us; it is about ALL of us. Today may be the day we should consider someone else who is struggling and not ourselves. If we are blessed to experience a great day, practice a little patience to someone who is having a bad day. Let us try to get over ourselves and this might take us back to some good ole days.


Hebrews 10:24 ESV 

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,

(c) copyright 2014 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

Author: sippingcupsofinspiration

A blogger since 2012, a published author of two Five Star romance novels, A MISTRESS, A WIFE and TELL ME LIES; LOVE ME STILL and writing RIDDLE ME THIS, LOVE OR BLISS. Still a small town girl with a lot of experience of people watching.

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