Our BUSTER, now grown and full of life!

BUSTER, tiny when we got him!

TODAY THE WORDS are BUSTER HIT THE POOL! Since every message has seemed to be on a serious note and I felt enough seriousness and maybe everyone might enjoy one of Buster’s adventures.
For some of you who may not know, we rescued a little Papillon, who our groomer told us was supposed to be a Yorkinese (in all fairness, she had not seen him) and he looked exactly like a Yorkinese when he was only about 2.5 lbs. When he started growing, it was obvious when the legs started growing longer and longer; he was not a Yorkinese and my daughter kept saying, “But his paws are small!” We watched this rambunctious puppy who went through many adventures of chewing our shoes, several pieces of small stools, and demolished every toy, even the gorilla toys. He has now calmed down but still hast such a curiosity as any dog I have ever seen. He watches every move everyone and everything makes. We have created a butterfly/hummingbird garden and he is busy inspecting every butterfly, bee, bug and hummingbird and runs and makes a snapping bite toward them. He is entertaining but we are waiting until he actually gets hold of one of those bees and if he is as smart as he seems, that activity will come to a halt. He is a sock thief and will snatch Bandit, our Yorkie’s treats in a heartbeat if Bandit turns away from it. They romp and stomp all of the time and once in a while it gets heated; I think it is when Bandit has had enough and that is his way off saying “Back off Buster.”
Well, let me recount his adventure in the pool we bought for the grand kids to cool off when they come. Greg likes to get in it for a quick cool down when he has mowed the grass or other yard work. He has a float and usually is in for a few minutes and then he is out. Buster is Mister Curious about what his owner is doing in this big blue thing which is higher than he can jump or he would have made it in himself, as it seems something or somewhere he should check it out. Have I mentioned Buster doesn’t mind water and he will bite at the sprinklers and if it is raining and he needs to go outside; he goes willingly. This would lead us to believe he might like the pool water, right?
Yesterday after Buster had completed his entertainment show he had put on for Greg; Greg decided he would introduce Buster to the pool. Oh, no this was not Buster’s thing and he splashed around and could not get out of the pool fast enough. He escaped and came into the house soaking wet with me wondering what he had gotten into. This was one time Buster didn’t have the upper hand and I have a feeling he will not be venturing to that big blue thing any time soon. Bandit seemed to be smiling for some reason while Buster was fighting the towel. 
Now for the deeper thought…..As funny as it was to see Buster have one pulled over him, we also didn’t want him to gain a fear of the water. In life, we experience many things we are uncomfortable. We get a soaking from life and we are sometimes embarrassed too. This is part of life we cannot change and it isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault…..It is life! And we can benefit from Buster’s ability to shake it off and in a couple of minutes; we can be off and running as he did to seek out a new adventure. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by shaking the waters of life off and go for some more life!


1 Peter 3:10 ESV 

For “Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit

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