TODAY THE WORDS are IF I WERE A SONGWRITER. In this age of social media and so much technology, I find myself fascinated by so many ways to connect with people I would have probably never met in the normal life I lead (that is if you can call my life normal). I have met so many people which encouraged me to expand my connections to Twitter, Google +, and I was already on Facebook. I am amazed at all of the talented folks I have met and have e-met through these outlets. One of these people is a country songwriter, Michael Rey and a lot of his dedicated team of great people who are helping him promote his songwriting. I have listened to several of his songs and he has talent. I love writing and another friend, Peggy Mercer is talented and has written several songs which touched my heart. I know a young man who writes songs and sings gospel songs, Todd Price and he not only writes them, he is a talented singer too. These people got this ole gal to thinking about “If I were a songwriter”. 
What does it take to write a song? I think a songwriter has to have a big heart and a lot of soul. I feel they have to feel strongly about life, family, and friends. I feel they have to have lived through pain and have survived many situations to know how it can hurt and how good it feels when it stops hurting. I also think they have either joy or sorrow in their soul; maybe a combination to be able to express a lot of emotion. Why do I think this is true? Stop a second and remember a song which can raise the hairs on your neck or arms. Think of the songs which make you smile and you can’t wipe it off while the song is playing. Remember a song you cannot keep your body still; if you no longer dance; you move in your heart and feel the rhythm. I thought about it and I feel all of those things but I am not a songwriter. I am a writer of words and that is what God blessed me to do……that is what a good songwriter has that I wasn’t given….rhythm of life. God gives us the particular gifts for His Purpose. Life has a rhythm; a musical rhyme and some can express it in songs. This is a blessing for them as others can build buildings, bake, market, instruct or teach others, minister, sell ice to an Eskimo, farm to feed us, write and many other talented gifts.
Now for the deeper thought…….. I am not saying that all songwriters are saints just like all writers are not best selling authors. Not by any means, but I feel God gives us the talents and it is what we do with our gifts which make the difference between an average songwriter and one which can write the music which can stir the soul.  If I were a songwriter, I would want my song to make the angels want to join in rejoicing. If we take our lives as a song; may we sing in unison, in peace and love and lift our voices to God.

Colossians 3:16 ESV 

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. 

(c) copyright 2014 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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