photo of Mark Lott (such a good sport)

TODAY THE WORDS are WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? I thought I might throw some random thoughts out for us to ponder or perhaps produce a laugh or two. To start off, how about Sheila and Mark Lott (Mark in the lead photo) having some fun and making us aware of how much Mark, one of the busiest businessman I know, who stays on the phone and with his Bluetooth; it is hard to tell he is not talking to you. I have started talking to him not knowing he is heavy into a conversation with someone else. Anybody else out there guilty of this who could use Sheila’s solution? 
  • How about when one spouse tells the other one they need to communicate more and the very minute the quiet one decides to have a conversation, it is at the very crucial point of a show the other one has been watching for an hour and a half? 

  • What about when we share our thoughts on social media and somehow think no one can have a different view? 

  • Books have been written on this next one, but here goes….What about when one spouse asks the questions about how they look, are they gaining wait, is my hair thinning, do I talk too much, am I bossy….and then they appear shocked when the other one tells the truth? This happens with friends too..

  • What about the times you said something which was the truth but once it left your mouth; you wish you could shove it back in? I guarantee each of us has been guilty or not really guilty as the truth is what we are told to speak. I wonder though if discretion might have been wiser.

  • What about one spouse not saying a word before the other one goes out to plant a flower bed and after hours of sweating; the other spouse walks out and says, Oh no I thought you were going to plant them here and points to the other side of yard…Why did my husband come up with this one?

  • What about when one spouse (ladies this is not just us, the men do it too) asks the other one, “When did you get that shirt, blouse, pants, etc?” and the answer is “This old thing; I have had it forever.” Right……..and we will buy that swamp land too.

Now for the deeper thought……Dig deep and think about why we do what we do.  Life presents us with many challenges and I don’t have the answers for why we do what we do, but I think it is what makes life an adventure and we are travelers. We may take different routes and some of us may camp; some of us may have to stay in hotels; some of us may love to walk to places; some of us may want to drive everywhere. We make life what it is for us; life makes us what we need to be for our individual likes and dislikes.Live life; love life; live life to the fullest by enjoying the things we do!

Psalm 16:9 ESV 

Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure.

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