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TODAY THE WORD is WEIGHING. While I have a lot of opinions and I do “weigh in” on them frequently; today’s topic of Weighing encompasses a lot of ways we weigh in. Let’s look at the different meanings and how we use the phrase in our everyday life. We may think about how they vary in impact too. Almost every woman reading this flinched when we read “weighing” and that brings up a good discussion.
1) verb: Find out how heavy (someone or something) is, typically using scales. Oh, my goodness, it is with dread when I step on the scales even if I have weighed myself yesterday. Why is there dread as if my weight is going to mysteriously go up or down overnight by an enormous amount, but I can feel heads nodding in agreement. We expect surprises and hopefully good ones; they normally are small changes but even small ones are like celebration events. One thing for us to think about is I read a good friend who has battled cancer so excited about gaining 2 more pounds; so it is perception and how we see the “weighing”.
2)verb: Assess the nature or importance of, especially with a view to a decision or action. How many times have we “weighed” a situation or discussed with comparability to see which way to go or what to do. On social media outlets, we weigh in on politics, news, tragedies, family situations, celebrities, etc. More times than not, we spend more time “weighing in” on our feelings than we accomplish change or success. It is important for us to voice our opinions and part of the “weighing in” should be the “agree to disagree” approach without experiencing the “loss” of a good friend or acquaintance.
3)phrase: weigh one’s words. Carefully choose the way one expresses something. This might be the most important and another way of expressing this phrase might be “think before you speak”. So many times we, and I have been guilty of this one many times, speak our thoughts before we have thought of how they will sound to others. I watch this with my text more carefully than in the past.  As an example I was happy at how many people were retweeting my blog and in a response I meant to express joy, I used the word “overwhelmed” and everyone replied “so sorry” and I was confused until it hit me, “overwhelmed” could mean they were retweeting too much and they thought it displeased me. I replied it should have been “overjoyed” and everything weighed in correctly.
Now for the deeper thought……We live in an instant communication world and it is easy for words, texts, voice mails, etc. to be misunderstood. A moment before weighing in; if we “weigh” our words and how they can be interpreted and/or mistaken for a different meaning; we will avoid a lot of “extra pounds” of hurt feelings and arguments. God gave us two ears and one mouth for us to listen more and talk less. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by listening to those we love and think how they are more important than any expression we can weigh in.

King James Bible  Proverbs 16:2

All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits.

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