TODAY THE WORDS are TRIPPING OVER OUR OWN FEET. I have been giving the state of “us” referring to the majority of people in our country. It brought a thought for the topic. We seem to be tripping over our own feet and hopefully this will describe some of  our actions in a simple thought. 
Growing up, or even now, do you remember having a pair of shoes with shoe laces or even without laces which seemed to make walking difficult. A specific pair without laces which comes to mind quickly was a pair of high heeled shoes with some kind of scuff resistant soles to avoid slipping. The only problem was this type of sole was too rigid and anti slip material. If anything, this produced a hard to move forward action which caused me to almost tumble several times. Instead of a crazy slide across the floor; I had an abrupt halt and a forward movement which wasn’t natural so I would tumble forward. I disposed of those shoes and went back to slipping and sliding. In other words, I was tired of tripping over my own feet.
It seems to me, we are tripping over our own feet in our actions too. We say we want racism to go away but I see actions on all sides of ethnic groups encouraging the “conversations” which ignite the tensions instead of sitting down and finding out what it would take for people to recognize the problems and resolve to solve those problems for “all” people. I see people who have valid concerns about paying so much taxes, while people who could work are on welfare. Instead of attacking those people; why don’t we fix the laws? Here we go tripping over our own feet! We complain about our government, politicians, laws, and policies; how many vote for changes in who makes our laws? By not voting is the same as when you don’t take the time to tie the shoe laces and then you keep yelling when you trip over them. We talk about freedom of religion and we don’t stop and think the total meaning of this freedom…….ALL Religions to be practiced without condemnation. It is not freedom of a single religion; it encompasses all religions with an opportunity for me to practice my beliefs and you to practice yours. What it shouldn’t be is one religion to be forced on all people. Freedom to be equal in person no matter what race we are; freedom to be able to believe our own choice of religion is the true depiction of freedom in itself. It would help all of us to pick up our feet and quit tripping over our own individual demands and get it together as a human race. It can’t be the white race, the black race; the rich or the poor; the democrats or republicans; the Christians or the other religions; the believers and/or non believers. God loves us all. We can believe the way we believe and let God work through all of us.
Now for the deeper thought………Life requires participation and not just observation! If your laces are untied; tie them. If you continue to walk with the laces untied; expect to trip. Bending down and taking a few minutes to do what it takes to make your walk through life smoother and safer takes an effort. Life will trip you up even if your laces are tied; that is just life. Pick yourself up and let’s move forward. Just as I had to dispose of those aggravating shoes; sometimes you have to make changes. If you are not working; keep trying to find a job. If you are working; see if you can help someone who is not working find work. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by picking up your feet by doing the necessary actions to walk smoothly.

2 Corinthians 3:17 ESV

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

(c) copyright 2014 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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