Berta Davis and Her Great Niece, Elisha Crutchfield Kehl at one of our family reunions.

TODAY THE WORDS are CRACKLIN’ CORNBREAD. For my readers in the South, most of us know what cracklin’ cornbread is; I am not sure how widespread this dish has traveled.
chiefly South
:  corn bread made with cracklings


crackling bread or crack·lin bread \-lə̇n-\

This word doesn’t usually appear in our free dictionary, but the definition from our premium Unabridged Dictionary is offered here on a limited basis (source Merriam-Webster.com)

Why am I writing about cracklin cornbread, you might ask? Why not? I am not such a fan of cornbread but I will eat a piece once in a while but my husband loves regular cornbread but he really loves cracklin cornbread. His Mother baked it for him when he was growing up and his Sister, Berta has taken up the tradition of baking it and it is such a treat when Greg sees it at the family reunion. Berta, who is so special to us, finally retired from working at the hospital lab with well over 30+ years and she is slowing down some but still tries to do for others. She was talking to Greg before our reunion and mentioned she was not feeling so well and wouldn’t be cooking for this one. Well, Greg tried to suppress his disappointment and just seeing her as well as the rest of the family would be great.
The family gathered and we certainly had more food than two family reunions could eat. Greg prepared his plate and sat down at our table. I took one of our grandsons to help him get his plate and while I was going down the line, I spotted cracklin cornbread and I remembered not seeing any on Greg’s plate; so I picked up a piece for him. When I gave it to him at the table, he was more excited about the cracklin cornbread but at that time didn’t realize it was Berta’s cracklin cornbread. We thought maybe someone else made some and brought it.
When the reunion was over and the leftover food was being gathered, I noticed the leftover bread was still on the table. I asked who brought the cornbread, but Berta didn’t hear me as so many people were talking to her at the time. Greg later told me Berta had made her cracklin cornbread and she wanted him to take the rest of it home. Last night, it was cornbread and milk for him and I smiled.
Now for the deeper thought……Cracklin cornbread is tasty and Berta makes the best around but it is not the cracklin cornbread that is the star in this message. It is a Sister’s love for her Brother and a desire to do something for that special person which no one else does it as well. Even when she was feeling under the weather; she thought of how much Greg would enjoy “her” gift. When we can do for others and make them smile, even when it is a stretch; it is a STRETCH of love. It’s kind of like stretching your arms around someone and giving them a big hug. Thanks Berta; you made Greg smile and he felt your love.

Hebrews 13:16 ESV 

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

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