TODAY THE WORD is WHY? Those of us who are parents and if even not parents, cousins, nieces, and nephews have gone through the WHY period with the little ones. For some reason, and it is usually once they have mastered the Mommy and Daddy, Hi, Doggie, and a few other choice words. Each word which is uttered brings smiles, giggles, and a general happiness at each one which comes out of the infant’s mouth………and then……..it comes out and a new world opens up with one word…..WHY
My daughter was an inquisitive little one; but I have seen others beat her record of a lot of whys. She has a cousin who was older by about 6 years and when he went through the WHY stage, it seemed he asked that question about anything and everything. I am confident most of you have a face coming to your mind who why’d you to death or at least it seemed that way. To say the least, it is hard to exercise patience when this question is the response to every statement; it can become a nuisance if we don’t realize the importance of this word WHY 

Once the little one’s mind starts to be inquisitive and it opens this world to them and they seek out and try new things. They start to build with blocks, drive the cars and trucks, dress dolls and in all of these new adventures; they learn about the real world. When they don’t understand how or why something works a certain way; they ask WHY. As much as it can seem to be every other word, it is important to remember they are asking us; this shows the first link a child starts the respect of an older person by wanting to hear what we have to say in the form of an answer to all of the WHYs.
Now for the deeper thought………As important as it is for an infant to ask WHY, it is important for us to ask the question of WHY we were born; WHY we live on this earth; and WHY should we want to live a good life with high morals and a loving heart. When we have asked these WHY questions and we have the answers; our lives become fulfilled with love, peace and happiness. These are questions which only One Being can answer for you and you might ask WHY? It is because God created the question WHY in order for us to come to Him for the right answer for our purpose. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by asking God WHY am I here. Then Listen for God’s answer.


Matthew 21:22 ESV 

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

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