TODAY THE WORDS are FINE TUNING. This message was delivered while I was in prayer this morning. With digital advances, our children and grandchildren use I pods, I tunes, and it is downloads instead of tuning into a station. It is going to be a walk down memory lane and some of the young people are going to learn a little of our childhood history. How many of you remember transistor radios and radios with knobs? I can tell you my first transistor radio was red and I loved it. I thought I had made it to the big time. 
Let’s go hear some old music……
I remember sitting around listening to a radio station or two from a box radio which sat on the table. It had a couple of knobs; one for the volume and one for tuning. It took some finesse and a lot of “fine tuning” to be able to hear the music without static. It also seemed if someone walked across the floor, it could create static, annoying noise and it would have to be fine tuned again. Bad weather created problems of the static, crackling noise right in the middle of a song we loved. Once the station was “on it” and it was clear; we could dance and sing along and life was good. The radio would receive the signal clearly and life was good. It is incredible that I can remember the lyrics of so many of those old songs, but can barely remember any of the new song lyrics, hmmmm?  
One other memory and this one is from the old console radios, like the top radio above, which had tubes. I remember the tubes had to warm up before it would play, either the radio or the phonograph. A period of time before it “came on”. The power was on, but nothing was happening prior to it warming up. Also, this radio had to be fine tuned as well with the event of the static, crackling, annoying noise. As the box radio, it had a great sound once it was fine tuned. Some of us have to warm up to others before we trust or even open up to them.
Now for the deeper thought……I think of us, humans, as the radios. We have our minds, bodies, and souls which are in need of fine tuning. We can tune our minds with education and experience. Our bodies can be exercised and nourished with healthy foods. Our souls are as important if not more to get fine tuning. Life has a way of making it difficult to turn the knobs to the exact point where we hear the sweetest music; this is reality and like the old radios, it can be annoying and crackling. It takes patience and the willingness to work through the static until we get to the music. Once we are singing along in life; it seems as if someone crosses the floor and knocks our lives off our station. We have to fine tune our lives again. In bad weather, such as sickness, losses, or emotional upheavals; we fine tune out life station again. I personally look at God as the “Life Knob” and our relationship with Him is vital to our fine tuning of our mind, bodies, and souls. Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the fullest by calming adjusting our ability to fine tune our lives by turning on God.

James 5:13 ESV 

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.

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