TODAY THE WORDS are FROM THE PULPIT. This message has been inspired from a friend who has been using his life’s testimony to minister to prisoners and after he gave me some great news he had been asked to take the pulpit for a night. He said it was one of the items on his bucket list. I added I would put that on my bucket list, not to take the pulpit, but to hear him in person one day from the pulpit.  While I was messaging him, and like it usually comes, a blog post came through.
This young man has used his life, one which makes such a strong testimony, to speak to those lost souls who find themselves incarcerated. He knows the despondency, the hopelessness, and the confusion along with anger and bitterness. He is not a goody two shoes who doesn’t know what he is sharing; he has walked the same streets and now lives a totally different life with family. He can share with them how God moved in his life and saved him from himself. What a lot of us who have not lived in that world do not know is these lost souls have fallen so far; tough love may not work. They have to grab on to a fine string let down the deep dark hole of sin, addiction, and crime. God can bring a full grown man up from the pits of Hell with a thread spun by a spider. I applaud this man of God who wants to pay back by praying forward with young people. 
What was the amazing part of this accomplishment was his desire of wishing one of his great sponsors was still here to hear he had taken the pulpit. See, here is the message in the message. We are all speaking from the pulpit every day. His life had already spoken the sermon as had the one who encouraged him to enter into the sanctity of a Godly life. As the men have preached their sermons of life, and I am sure my friend will continue to share his testimony; I can see him taking the pulpit more and more if this is the direction God has mapped for him and he will do great.
Now for the deeper thought…… I am not advocating our dedicated pastors are not necessary; they are indeed called for the divine position God has reserved for them. What this message says, it is not entirely up to our pastors, ministers, and preachers. We are taking the pulpit every time we testify, share, listen and give advice to others who are in need; who are seeking more knowledge by helping them get in touch with our clergymen. People watch what we say, what we do, and as importantly what we don’t do. Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the fullest by not just talking the talk but by walking the walk.

Ephesians 5:8 ESV
For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light 

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