A Walk in History for a Great Dining Experience in Perry, GA

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TODAY THE WORDS are A WALK INTO HISTORY. From time to time, my readers see me say, “Let’s walk down memory lane.” I find going back into a simpler time allows me to share the life lesson I learned while experiencing different trips, mistakes, issues, and thrills. Today, however, I am not writing about a childhood memory but a more recent experience which taught me a good life lesson which I would love to share with you. 
I am blessed to have the love of my life, my husband, who is an adventurer, if ever I have seen one. He would travel everyday, I believe; and it would make his day if we had an RV and load up the doggies and travel this country. Okay, back to the real world for us. We try to go to places we haven’t been before for a short trip or for our date night or even for lunch. This past week, we went to such a pleasurable place for lunch full of history, great food, and the service was impeccable. The photos you see are Swanson’s Restaurant in Perry, Georgia. If you haven’t been to this restaurant; we highly recommend it.
I was curious, as I am on old houses, about the history and picked up a brochure and I am including an excerpt from it:
     Back in 2002, we purchased the Cox-Swanson home with the dream of serving southern food with a touch of elegance. Throughout the years, The Swanson has become famous for white tablecloths, charming ambiance, fried green tomatoes, and those “little biscuits”.
     The Cox-Swanson home was famous long before its doors were opened as one of the South’s premier dining destinations. In 1790, Mr. Bennett constructed and began a livery stable. In the 1880’s, a three-room house was added to the property and was the home of the former Mayor of Perry, Mayor Cox. The house was purchased in 1903 by Nora Singleton Cox, Ms. Norine Swanson Jones’ grandmother. In 1909, two bedrooms and a large hall were added transforming the structure into the house we know today. 
     The restaurant was named for Ms. Norine Swanson-Jones. Ms. Norine established Perry’s very first kindergarten in her home in the 1930’s.    (Mike and Kim Sheridan, owners) You can check out this restaurant at their website: www.theswanson.com

As we ate the delicious food, and for all of my friends, I ate the vegetable plate and it was so freshly prepared without additives; I didn’t miss any meat dish. Greg enjoyed the chicken fried steak and the gravy looked tempting. We didn’t eat the desserts; but I noticed they are a restaurant after my (Nana) heart with Nana’s Bread Pudding with Caramel sauce. Our server was the nicest person we could have had and was johnny on the spot with perfect timing. The entire experience was almost as if our grannies had wrapped their arms around us and served us our most favorite dishes made with love.

Now for the deeper thought…..Sometimes it is not always in foreign countries we can experience great adventures; it might be in our back yard or at least a few miles away. If we take the time to want to share great times with our loved ones; any experience can be a great experience like our fantastic lunch at The Swanson Restaurant. Greg and I will definitely be taking the back road to Perry, GA again. 


Genesis 9:3 ESV 

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

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