TODAY THE WORDS are THE LAST WORD. Throughout history, people have striven to have the last word. We will argue a single subject over and over; sometimes forgetting what started the argument but we seem driven to have “the last word“. I have been watching the upcoming election political (or may I say unsavory) ads and it seems to be more important to smash the other candidate rather than give an intelligent plan and path to bettering the office they are seeking. This has brought me to the focus of this message but not in a political point. The last word topic is for a different reason and hopefully, it will be a message and not the last word. 

When is the last word really the last word? As a young woman, I was a strong personality. I felt I had a voice and mistakenly so; I felt I had to use it anytime I felt threatened. I would argue “until the cows came home” and it seemed to be more important that I win the argument more than the point of the argument. I imagine several of you have been in my shoes and have experienced the argument of your lifetime. In other words, we argued for argument sake. In so many cases, we argue issues of either non importance or wasted arguments on those issues people are destined to never agree. Is the one who has the last word the winner of the argument or is there such a thing as a winner of an argument?
Is there a true winner of an argument? Maybe yes or Maybe no is my response. I feel what we may gain as the “winner” of an argument is a false sense of accomplishment. In a discussion, and not an argument; both parties are in states of respect and more open minded to the differences. With a tone of respect, I find in a discussion; more avenues of communication are opened and less close mindedness is predominant. Of course, in a healthy discussion we can learn from each other. I know I have learned when I am listening. I think of the statement about why we were given two ears and one mouth and smile. Is there a true winner of an argument; I think not as most people harbor bad thoughts which seem to linger longer about harsh words spoken in an argument more than they do on the reason for the argument.
Now for the deeper thought…..and I do not want to argue (LOL). We have opportunities for intelligent discussions, using our brains and rationality rather than loud and aggressive words. One good point may be to remember……HARSH WORDS ARE HARD TO SWALLOW and DON’T SAY THE WRONG THING and HAVE TO EAT YOUR WORDS. Oh, none of us are going to stop having an occasional argument; we are human. We can, however, focus on discussing differences rather than having “the last word”. Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the fullest by knowing the one having the last word will be God.

Matthew 16:26 

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

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