TODAY THE WORDS are AIR OUT YOUR LIFE. When the weather changed and cooler temperatures came in; for some reason my mind went back to when we used to open the windows and let the fresh air come in and the room(s) would air out. The whole house would smell so fresh and clean for a while and then we would do it again. The days when the wind was blowing softly and a gentle breeze would seep its way throughout the rooms leaving a wonderful scent of freshness. I also think how our bed sheets would be filled with the good, fresh air smell and I can’t think of a better sensory feeling than to slip between fresh linens which had been dried on a clothesline. 
Today, with all of our technological advances and we have air filters, re-fresheners, air conditioners, clothes dryers and Febreeze, etc., we don’t do the old fashion ways with the exception on Spring and Fall days; we open the windows and let the air in for the rooms to air out. Somehow, it is not the same. Maybe our air is not as clean as when I remember those childhood days; or it may be the same and I won’t allow my mind to think it is the same to cherish those great memories. Either way, it is not the same to me. I like the freshness but I think it has less of an effect on me now.
Let’s go back to the freshness memories I have for a good life lesson or at least I think it is. We soiled the linens and the rooms were stuffy from cooking and heater fumes. It is similar to how we get stale in life. By our mistakes and omissions; we can become soiled and less than the fresh child we used to be. We allow the smells of sinning to infiltrate our bodies and souls. What is the worst part about this stale odor of life is we become somewhat used to the odor and lesson our adversity to it and it becomes second nature to us.
Now for the deeper part…… We become stale and like the dirty laundry we lie around and become stagnant and in need of a good airing out to become fresh and clean. God knows how to hang us out after a good soul washing and allow His Glory and Splendor to insert the freshest, cleanest smell in our souls. Everyone around us, after the airing out, want to be close and take in the fresh new spirit which magnifies each one of us. Allow God to give us a good soul washing and hang us in His Brilliant Sunshine and flush our souls with a Godly gentle breeze. It will be the best memory you will ever have during this lifetime.

King James 2000 Bible

Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin

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