TODAY THE WORDS are WHEN I THINK I AM RIGHT I MAY BE WRONG. During my life, I became more opinionated and vocal as I aged. I had experienced life more and more and had the ups and downs and somehow I felt I had become wiser. I have expressed my opinions on this and that and I had someone tell me I was wise. I thought about this friend’s statement and this blog post is dedicated to “how wise we think we may be; how unwise we may really be“. I may not be wise; I think I am “real”. It may not be the wisest position a person can find themselves in; one individual’s opinion is just that and then I say, “When I think I am right; I may be wrong.

Let me expand on my thoughts: Have you noticed over the past few years how many studies on every subject in the world has contradicted the previous study’s results? Let’s think about it…butter was bad; now a new study tells you margarine is only molecule away from being totally plastic. Was this not what we all ran to use when they told us butter was so unhealthy? Now, it is not good to use canola oil; wasn’t that what they told us to use instead of vegetable oil and shortening? We have been told over and over to eat fruit and vegetables in huge quantities but since I have been diagnosed with diabetes, which thankfully is under control without insulin due to diet change; I have to portion both fruit and vegetables….What is up with that? Every day it seems a new study comes out and we feel we should make changes.

Now, with that said; I go back to the basis of this post. If a new study can contradict the old; maybe I need to re-think some things. Over the years, how many events or people have caused us to re-adjust what we used to think or feel? Maybe, just maybe; it may be us who need to change our thinking or emotions….MAYBE WE CAN CHANGE A LITTLE.

My daughter has been here for a visit and one of the best descriptions she stated about herself and I agreed; she is flexible. She adapts to any situation and is the most accepting person I know. She loves without expectation. Of course, she has human limitations but they are very few. By her flexibility it makes it easy for others to be around her and she loves life and doesn’t cave to tensions but attempts to lift others. I observed; I listened; I learned from watching her. Isn’t it a great learning experience to learn from the younger generation.

Now for the deeper thought….When I feel I have matured and gained wisdom; I may be wrong. Every day is a new learning experience and the only wise thing I can do is listen; be willing to learn; and be flexible to change since ‘When I think I am right; I may be wrong.”


Proverbs 18:15 ESV

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. 

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