TODAY THE WORDS are THE FIRST OF MANY. Since this is the First of January, A New Year has begun and I thought it appropriate to think about how it truly is the first and how many “first” have come and gone; how many are to come; and how many will never come. First, let me wish everyone reading this HAPPY NEW YEAR for the first time this year. As we live, we experience many first in our lives:
1) We are born and we breathe for the very first time. This first breath begins thousands of first experiences and I cannot list all of them but you can get the idea behind the message. We see, even though not clearly, our adoring and sometimes almost blubbery parents, checking every part of us out. We hear sounds and we make the first sound and everyone around us applaud or cry or even laugh. Before, I said, some firsts are to never come and here is where those can start. For those blind or deaf and/or mute; those first are never there. 
2) There are the first of motion and speech. We begin to move our arms and legs, crawl, touch, hold toys and blankets, and then the first words come out which will definitely cause more firsts when communication starts. Recently, our youngest grandson, began to speak and his first words were Da Da and Na Na. As the proud

owner of the title of NaNa, I was so excited to hear him say those words. His first words started a big first…he had influenced my emotions. Maybe, you are starting to see the focus of this message….HOW THE FIRST OF MANY can be strong motivating forces or the same first can hurt or wound.

3) The first experience of love is one of the strongest. Love is one of the strongest first emotions we feel and the first experience, whether it is lasting or not, has a lasting effect on other firsts. If it is returned; we can move past it if it is a temporary puppy crush or a loving friendship. Parents give the first true lasting form of love and bonding and it is vital for it to be a good strong one. 
4) The first touch of success or failure is powerful. We live in a world of the impact of success or failure and many successful people (the name Trump will usually come to mind) have experienced both over and over. The difference is how we react to either and both. It is not success which causes success, but how we react to failures which determine if we are going to be successful. How many of us rode a bike successfully the first time or did we wobble and even fall down. It was the getting back on it and trying it again until we could have ridden to the other ends of the earth on our bikes which determined our success.
5) The first time we had to face mortality is a turning point in our lives. This may occur directly to us from a sickness or accident and we find we are mortal and could have been seconds away from another first (and this is also the first of a final thing in life), death. Even if we experience death by the loss of a loved one; we feel that first dramatic loss and a hole is formed in our hearts for that loved one. We experience many firsts until the first final act and it is important to fill our lives with as many “firsts” as we can. 
Now for the first deeper thought of 2015……It is not important how many first experiences we have; it is how important and meaningful we make each of those first experiences. Reaching, touching, reading, listening, communicating, believing, trusting, loving, crying, laughing, trying, and achieving are important each time we experience life. Make each first as valuable as the other first you have experienced and make your life count. Before that first final moment, take the time to experience the first time you communicate with Our Creator. I found Him the very first time I allowed my heart and soul to open up and ask Him into my life. That was an outstanding FIRST! May you experience THE FIRST OF MANY NEW ADVENTURES AND EXPERIENCES IN 2015!


Isaiah 43:18-19 ESV 

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert

(c) copyright 2014 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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