Here are the best examples of Furry Love…Buster and Bandit
TODAY THE WORDS are FURRY LOVE. Love songs are written about human love; the beauty of it; the loss of it; the love that lives forever; and the unrequited love. We sing along; we reminisce; we long for the ones who have left us. Yesterday, upon returning home, my husband and I saw the kind of love I have seen some poems written in reference to “Furry Love”. I wanted to share this experience with you, especially all of the dog lovers out there, as I know you feel the same way about your fur babies.
We drove into the garage and Greg made it to the door before I did. I could hear Buster’s yelping and running with the excitement of a child. He couldn’t decide if he should jump on the bed, jump on Greg, and then he decided he better check and see if “Daddy” brought “Mommy” with him and out in the garage he ran and jumped on the back of my legs as I was getting some of my things out of the car. He then returned and it was back and forth between us. He couldn’t help himself; he was so happy to see us and to know we had come back to them.
We didn’t see Bandit who has a habit of hiding under the bed until after Buster has completed his show of affection. Of course, we called for him to make sure he was okay. He is a totally different personality than “Boisterous Buster” and is more the patient and passive personality. However, he had been listening to our reactions to Buster welcoming us home and I think he wanted some of that attention. When he came up on the bed, he started mimicking Buster’s actions with some barking and circling and seemed to enjoy when I made a fuss over him. He loved it and so did I. 
It got me to thinking how each of God’s creatures loves to be loved. No matter what personality we have; whether we are rowdy like Buster or quiet like Bandit; we want to have someone to show us they care. With this in mind, I came to a conclusion……no matter how “lovable or unlovable” a person seems; we should reach out to them and show them love. It may not seem they are welcoming our love; but I think they may be like Bandit and receiving it in a more subdued way.
Now for the deeper thought…….It came to me how God must find Himself in awe of His Creations which are all humans and all creatures, big and small. Each of us are unique with separate qualities; good and bad. We react to things differently; even though they are the same things. We love in different ways and some of us are more cautious than others. We have times when our feelings are hurt and we repel from the very people who love us. Do we do this with God? When we do not get our way or our prayers aren’t answered when we think the time is right; do we repel against the very Divine Power who loves us in spite of who we are? I feel God gave Dogs furry love to help teach the rest of us how we can learn from them. We could use a good dose of furry love and get so excited when we see each other and even if we are more of the quieter type (definitely not speaking for myself) allow love to be something to get excited about…..Show some love!


With eye upraised his master’s look to scan,
The joy, the solace, and the aid of man:
The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend,
The only creature faithful to the end.
George Crabbe

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