My boyfriend and his girlfriend. We happen to be husband and wife too.
Greg and Arline Miller

TODAY THE WORDS are FORGETTING YOU ARE MARRIED. “What are you talking about?” you may ask about my topic for today. This is the topic which came to my mind and it may surprise some of you I would write about this subject; but read on and you will see why.
Marriage holds responsibilities from both the husband and the wife. Hopefully, as in my marriage there is a lot of love. My husband and I both had children from a previous marriage and this in itself can sometimes bring pressures. Not everyone handles the blending of two families and for some unexplained reason, the word “step” may bring bad or unwanted feelings. I have heard the horror stories and I am sure you have heard some of them too, of “marriage gone wrong” when the two different sets of children and parents fail to blend. My husband and I decided when we married to never argue about each one’s children; because if we did, there would be no winner but we would both be losers. What came from this valuable decision is we each have invested in “all” of our children and we consider them “all” as our children. I, for one, cannot tell you how easier life has been because of this decision and the only use of “step” is the ongoing cute way Missy, who is my daughter refers to Greg as SDG (Step Dad Greg) and I can assure you she uses this endearment with love. We have three children and we share them with each other.
My Sister and My Husband
at a family Reunion
With marriage comes the extended family and there can be the situation of in laws becoming “out laws.” With my Mother’s side of the family, this is a running joke and it brings a smile to my face as I love my aunts and uncles who are not my blood relatives as much as I love the “real kin folks” This time around, I was privy to knowing Greg’s Dad for a few years and grew to love that wonderful man. My Mother “adopted” Greg as her own son and I felt she would have scolded me if she thought I mistreated him. My sister’s husband, Troy is “my brother” and has been in my life for almost 3/4 of it. My husband’s family have become a very important part of our life and I wouldn’t trade this closeness. I understand some in laws don’t get it; by marriage, this is your family now and would you treat your family this way? It is not a competition; it can be a new life bond. I saw a friend refer to her husband’s family member as a brother in love. How sweet is that?
Do you think they are
still in love? I think
Now for the deeper thought…….We get caught up in territorial thoughts sometimes and we need to be reminded; we don’t own our spouses. They are not property; they are to be thought as our true loves. This is the reason for the topic “Forgetting you are married” and this sentence is to be finished as “Forgetting you are married and remembering you are in love.” Taking time to look at the person in front of you and say, “Whoa, I am in love with you” and not, “I love you”. Remembering to stop getting all involved in drama of ordinary life; shutting off computers; getting off phones; giving up some time spent on hobbies; and then…….Forget you are married and find that special time you would take if you were dating this person. I am not saying there will not problems but these times make the problems disappear or at least workable toward solutions. 


Genesis 2:18 ESV

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” 

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