TODAY THE WORDS are WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I slept in late this morning, can all of you who know me believe this? When I woke up, it seemed as if I were waiting for the day to slow down and let me catch up. As a normal early riser, this was a change and a thought came while I
was attempting to readjust my plans. I have been asked over and over how to start a blog, how to start writing a book, or how do I create a project from a verbal concept? I “just” do it. I have always been willing to give it a shot even if I don’t have the whole picture; I still have the “big” picture of discovering newly found knowledge.
An author, Oscar Patton has been busier than a bee for the last few years writing several novels and I find his writing so natural. He stepped out of his comfort zone and chose not to wait until he knew how to write and he wrote. The other day in response to my post about his ability to sit the characters next to me, Oscar responded and I wanted to share his words as they are the true inspiration for this blog post. He said:
 Dolly Parton once said, ‘You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap.'”
My friend Arline Lott Miller expressed an interest in my writing style and said it seemed “natural.” A good writer herself, Arline knows natural does not come naturally. Like other artists, I sweat bullets to make it natural. But hard as it can be, writing is worth the effort. It’s the best high I have found. If you want to write or paint or make music or post on FB, don’t wait to start until you know how to do it. You will learn as you go. That’s the beauty of creative effort. I like an analogy I heard somewhere: “I am building this plane while flying it.”   (Oscar Patton, author) 

Let’s think about Oscar’s words, “If you want to write or paint or make music or post on FB, don’t wait to start until you know how to do it. You will learn as you go.” I find these words better than any advice I could give to all those who ask me how did I start. Some of you have heard me say I didn’t even know what a blog was when another friend, Peggy Mercer, a published author herself encouraged me to start one. Both Oscar and Peggy have found their niche in writing, but they both have talents in different fields. I like to think I am flexible in many fields too.
Now for deeper thought….What are you waiting for? Life has a way of passing us by as my morning did not put itself on hold for my inability to wake up early. Instead of saying, I would like to sing; I would like to write; I would like to go back to school; I would like to do charity work; I would like to change my job; I would like to travel more; or I would like to…….just do it.

Today, I am adding a couple of my friends Oscar Patton and Peggy Mercer’s new works. To see how people who do it….do it; check them out.

 Peggy Mercer has touched a subject which many others shy away and we can learn from these stories about mental illness. 

These stories are funny and serious, intro by elite psychiatrist from San Diego…award winning stuff on Amazon now.

                                             Oscar Patton has several novels published and another one on the way.

Young professor Oliver Hardin settles in at Georgia Southeastern College, happy to be home in Satilla County: “Cock-a-doodle-do. This rooster has come home to roost. Bring your mugs, 
The keg is iced down. The pork is on the pit. And the chicks are on the way.” Then, in the year he expects to become a tenured professor, storm clouds gather. Discord among colleagues, a developing romance with a student, the prospect of being fired, a night in jail, a cock fight that turns deadly, and the loss of a close friend force Oliver to see Satilla County in a new light and to re-assess what “home” means.

What Readers Are Saying about Oscar Patton:

Barbara Alves: “Does a superb job of drawing you into the lives of his characters.”
Beth Burke: “Weaves a tale that holds the reader’s interest throughout.”
Laurie Tanner: “Spins a mesmerizing tale.” 

Dan Porter: “Patton’s writing is excellent.”
I hope you enjoyed the post today. We can learn from those who dare to do it!
(c) copyright 2015 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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