TODAY THE WORDS are FORGOTTEN GIFTS. This is a repost of a message I had posted over a year ago. I thought it worthy of another post. Here it is:
 Saturday, I was doing some laundry and found myself in our closet. I happened to see Momma’s sketching pad and pastels and picked them up. I had been seeing a lot of my friends posting pictures of butterflies and one who had surgery expressed her love of butterflies. I decided to see if I could sketch like I used to do. I was rusty, but it started coming back to me after a few strokes. I sketched the butterfly; I sketched my daughter’s Yorkie poo who I have used a picture of her on the blog several times; and then I attempted a mountain scene. It was great therapy. I posted a few of them on FB and some people liked them. It made me think about why I quit sketching. I think it had to do with Momma passing and she loved to draw, do acrylics, and paint and it was such an attachment to her memory; I put the pad away. I used to write poetry a lot and for whatever reason; I stopped some years ago. I have known friends who used to sing and they could sing beautifully and I wondered why would they stop and not use their gift of song. We have witnessed people who can write; only write one book and then stop. 
Remember growing up, the men who played their guitars and were really good…they stopped too. So my thought for today, and I could go on and on with forgotten gifts but you are following my thoughts. I wondered why so many talented people quit doing what they were given as talents and it seems to disappear. Do we change as life goes on or does something or someone get in our way of pursuing our dreams? I always wondered with our Momma, who started doodling on a little pocket pad and worked her way up to painting. She was in her 60’s when she started drawing and she progressed quickly. This causes me to think she had the talent (or gift) her whole life and because she slowed down enough at this time in her life, she found the urge to surface that gift. All of us who received some of her work wondered how far she could have gone if she had started earlier. 
Now, for the deeper thought…I don’t want to be guilty of this……God bestows certain gifts to make us even more unique and no matter what gift we receive, we should be thankful and try to use our gifts as much as possible. We don’t have to wait until we are in our December days to give to this world, whether it be by song, word, poem, or art. This world is the canvas of the greatest Artist that has ever been, God and we can honor Him by using any of the gifts. Whatever God has blessed you with; bless others with your gifts!

James 2:5               

Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him?

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