TODAY THE WORDS are WHEN IS IT THE RIGHT TIME? A lot of “times” we say it isn’t the right time, the right day, the right person, the right opportunity, etc. When I gave this some thought, I remembered saying or thinking the same thing several times in my life. Can we be sure if ever is the right time or other rights in our lifetime? This leads me to the topic for today and I think it is the right time to discuss how important making decisions at the right time is to our lives.
Sometimes, it helps me to look back over my past and evaluate if I made the right decision and if it was the right time to make the change, move, or action. I remember a time in my life which was such a significant phase and it was important to be right at the right time. I owned an interior decorating business and it had grown into a successful venture but it was demanding and commanded long hours. My husband and I divorced and it was necessary for her Dad to keep our daughter while I traveled. I had been offered a huge account by a large manufacturer and it was tempting for sure. I would have to travel a lot more than I already was traveling and it would have had a large effect on my daughter. I wasn’t worried about her being taken care of by her Dad as he has been “Dad of the year” since she was born. It was me, considering my time as a Mother with her child which would have suffered and that meant it was the “right” time to make a very difficult decision. The time it took to drive to my office and tell my employees I had made a decision to either sell the business or sell off the business assets. In this talk, I promised them I would allow them to find other jobs, even going on interviews on my time, and then I said it is bonus day and turned it into a fun day of them picking out their Christmas gifts in October.
Here is the irony of this decision if you look at it 
from a business standpoint and you will see it didn’t have any facets of a good decision or it certainly did not have the resemblance of being the “right” time. 1) I had a national account being handed to me and it wasn’t an unearned gift as we, my staff and me, had worked tirelessly to become recognized; 2) my staff who I loved were mostly made up of single mothers and their livelihood were based on their jobs; 3) I loved what I was doing and it was a very lucrative business and me being divorced; it could be a jeopardizing situation; and 4) I owned a lot of inventory which, if I chose not to sell the business intact, I could risk losing a lot of hard earned profit.
Now for the deeper thought….. This decision was made in 1984 and not for one second and even during the difficult parts of dissolving a business have I ever regretted making the “right” decision. Every day of my life, my daughter and I have a unbreakable bond and she makes me so proud of her and so pleased to have the relationship we share. She knows at the right time, which may have looked like the “wrong” time; I chose to make the “right” decision. Have I always made the “right” decision at the right time….Not hardly. If we listen to our heart and make decisions which might be difficult, God will reward us for listening to the “right” voice of love.
Ecclesiastes 3:1
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

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